MySpace Launches Mobile Redesign

    February 17, 2009

MySpace has announced the launch of a new, more integrated and optimized mobile Website along with its commitment to develop new applications for the Nokia and Palm platforms.

MySpace Mobile

MySpace says it is now the only social network with applications supported on all smartphone platforms including the iPhone, Google Android, Sidekick, Nokia, Palm and BlackBerry.

The goal of the new mobile Website is to make it look and feel more like the online version of MySpace. New user interface features have been optimized for devices with screen sizes 176 pixels wide along with the ability to configure email photo upload.

The new mobile site has updated architecture and is supported in 13 languages and localized for 29 countries.

"We want our users to be able to access MySpace from any device," said John Faith, vice president and general manager of MySpace Mobile.

"We are committed to building apps for platforms we feel are groundbreaking to offer our users the best possible on-the-go MySpace experience."

MySpace also announced it will join the Symbian Foundation to create a more socially relevant context for developers building applications on the platform.

The company believes in the next few years, 50 percent of its users will access the site using mobile devices. Its global mobile growth now surpasses U.S. growth and it says it has 20 million members accessing MySpace Mobile every month.