MySpace Launches Its First Online Game Show

    April 2, 2009

MySpace is launching an original series and its first online game show today called "BFF."

Each "BFF" show will test two best friends knowledge of each other with questions over several rounds. Based on the number of correct answers prizes will be awarded at the end of each round.

The series is hosted by "Last Comic Standing" finalist, Amy Schumer, it will debut on MySpace Video on April 2 and run through June 30. MySpace users in the U.S. can submit video entries to be contestants on the show on the "BFF" MySpace page. Those selected will be flown to New York City for the taping of their show.

MySpace Gameshow

Also available on the "BFF" MySpace page is an application allowing users to create their own "BFF" quizzes. Users will be able to customize quizzes by selecting questions from a list of categories.  They will be able to send the quiz to friends to see how well their friends now them.

Contestants will have the chance to win prizes such as an Ideeli gift certificate between $100 and $200, a Gibson guitar, or a Kodak printer, based on the number of correct answers at the end of each round.

"MySpace users have been waiting for a snackable and social property like ‘BFF.’ It encourages users to not only play along, but also create their own versions of the game," said Cristian Cussen, Director of Content and Marketing for MySpace Video."