Is MySpace Toast?

By: WebProNews Staff - March 19, 2009

If it’s lucky, MySpace is the new Yahoo. If unlucky, and it is unlucky lately, MySpace is AOL. Facebook has supplanted it, and will continue to do so, in much the same way Google ran past Yahoo, and for many of the same reasons.
Facebook VS MySpace
The suspicion was there from the start of the social networking phenomenon MySpace spearheaded. When it stops being cool, what then? Well, then is now, and MySpace is a strip mall in a sleazy part of town. Traffic is down. Revenues are down. Executives are stepping down.

Back in 2005, when the buzz first came on about MySpace, I took a look and said, simply “meh.” The profiles seemed ugly and pointless. It seemed faddy and a lot of work just for the sake of coolness. In general, the site reminded me of slap bracelets, Beanie Babies, and acid washed jeans mixed with red plastic cups, bathroom walls and booty calls.

And then News Corporation took it over.

But I wasn’t 15, so what did I know? I regarded it like one of those teenage nightclubs creepy old men go to for no good reason at all. I just didn’t have any business there, and that may be just one of the problems leading to MySpace’s eventual peak.

High school student Jacob Ruffman, quoted today by McClatchy, has his own more teenage reasons. “I can go to the Facebook home page and see what’s going on with my friends. Then I flip over to MySpace and I get kicked in the face with colors and flashing penguins.”

Jacob’s at odds with my stepson, who’s 15 now and recently lamented that all his friends, like Jacob, had switched to Facebook. He could really customize his MySpace profile they way he had once customized his abandoned Gaia profile. And his parents and grandparents weren’t on MySpace the way they were on Facebook.

Coincidentally, about the same time he told me that his friends had all switched, a friend my own age had worried he’d not hear important news from home if he wasn’t on Facebook like everybody else. About that time too Facebook had started to overcome MySpace in terms of visitors. shows the shift began late last year. Facebook equaled MySpace around December, and by January had surpassed it, a huge feat considering how MySpace dwarfed Facebook this time last year. Compete says MySpace traffic is down by 5 percent for the year, though it still attracted over 58 million unique US visitors. Facebook on the other hand is up 125 percent for the year, and grabbed over 68 million visitors. On an international level, Comscore says Facebook is outdrawing MySpace by 110 million monthly visitors. - Unique Visitors

Taking a direct hit from MySpace’s woes is Photobucket, another Fox Interactive (News Corp.) property. MySpace had helped propel Photobucket to holding 45 percent of the online photo sharing market—just half a year ago. In February, Photobucket traffic declined by 24 percent, according to Hitwise, and Flickr is near to supplanting it as well. How quickly things can change.

I guess now, the question is why things turned around completely in just a couple of months. A year ago, Facebook wasn’t anywhere near MySpace, no threat at all. Well, part of it is, I think, MySpace’s time has come and gone. That doesn’t mean it won’t stay a reasonably popular and trafficked site, but, like Yahoo, MySpace will be a distant second at least.

Effectively, MySpace has been googled by Facebook for much of the same reason Google googled Yahoo. Facebook is cleaner, more intuitive, and has better features. Its members are rabid devotees who freak out at the slightest provocations. But they don’t leave. They protest until things change. Facebook has loyalty MySpace never did.

And while Facebook is opening up more and more, and making, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last week, “hundreds” of upgrades over the coming weeks, what has absentee landlord MySpace been launching?

Ooh look, an HP cosponsored print button, and a MySpace cobranded credit card.

Pretty yawnable, if you ask me.

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  • @danosphere

    “When it stops being cool, what then?”

    Myspace is already in this bucket, and facebook is still sorta cool… for now. But I think it is tracking quickly towards a myspace like fate as the adult demographic is quickly expanding and many people are looking for a new cool place to hangout [enter twitter].

    Will be cool to see what unfolds in the coming months…

  • AndyW

    I’m not aware of MySpace bringing in any new features for years… the lesson here is innovation, innovation, innovation if you want to stay on top in the internet game…

  • BV Treatment

    Yeah, Myspace always seemed very fadish to me. I couldn’t believe the valuation when it got bought. (though I wish i’d had the idea first) Facebook and Twitter are probably next.

  • Guest

    No. It’s a social network.

  • Guest

    I think the main reason Myspace is toast is because they don’t allow users to submit suggestions on how to improve their website anymore. If u go to and click on “contact myspace” then choose “other” and “feature suggestion” and click Submit, the page just reloads. It has been for months now.

    • Guest nigel

      Facebook is quite simply drab and full of minor and petty silliness..
      where people and just their faces link each other with nothing to do with interests….myspace on the other hand has many people who have interest specific relationships …this makes myspace far more interesting as a social network…..

      I have joined myspace only recently this year and I now dont really use facebook…its just so boring…..
      on myspace you can hook up with so many people who have a similar interest and these are all over its just what you want….if you want to just stay in touch with closer friends just use facebook or better still just use email and the phone!! and keep it private and not show your very personal photos to the world….
      in short myspace is so much better for networking and finding like minded individuals…so in comparison with the two sites…..well I just dont use facebook that much anymore so theres your answer….

      • Daryn St. Pierre

        Facebook focuses on functionality and networking, and less on how many animated GIF images, YouTube videos and music players you can shovel into your profile. Also, if you use Facebook at all, you’ll know that there are groups available that cater to whatever you’re interested in.

        Also, your Facebook profile is completely private to anyone other than the friends you let see it. In fact, the Facebook profiles are MORE private than MySpace ones. If you view a MySpace profile of someone who is not a friend and they’ve set their page to private, you can still see their photo (larger than on Facebook), and you can even see some of their friends as well.

        The bottom line is that Facebook is web 2.0 and web 2.0 is now. They update their interface with feature-rich web applications that utilize cutting edge languages. Facebook is not a corporate, money hoarding whore and they actually listen to their users.

        Name a worthwhile update that MySpace has added within the past year. Music players and profile themes that closely resemble Facebook in areas don’t count.

  • Ryan

    MySpace isn’t trying to be a social networking site anymore in my opinion. It’s trying to be a Social Entertainment Portal. Movies, Music, TV, etc. Almost every single major movie release and major music album release has a huge presence on the site. In fact, there was a recent article that said MySpace is now the #1 resource for Movie information. Major label musicians release their albums on MySpace every day. Facebook is good for the networking for the sake of networking. MySpace takes Entertainment content, and provides social networking functions to support it. MySpace has a much better, long-term, and sustainable monetization plan because its focus allows for more advertising and knows what it’s good at. I use both Facebook and MySpace extensively, for different reasons mostly. If you’re in Entertainment, crave Media, or want to express/market yourself as much as possible, MySpace is the choice. There is a place for both – Facebook will be a Social Networking Phone Book w/ extra toys. MySpace will be Entertainment Weekly/Spin Magazine/US Weekly w/ social networking options.

  • Marc

    MySpace is toast and here are my reasons.
    – Facebook has interconnectivity of so many applications and other sites.
    – Facebook is under active development. Myspace has not changed in years.
    – Myspace is rife with advertisements that take over a large portion of the page. Facebook has advertisements but they are smaller and unobtrusive.
    – It is easier to find people you know on Facebook.

    As for Flickr and PhotoBucket
    – Flickr is easier to use imo.
    – And again PhotoBucket is rife with advertisements and trying to fit too much on a single page.

  • ny seo company

    lately ive been on myspace and it seems to me they have taken alot of facebok’s modules as of 2009. They need to be more innovative which will then bring in more revenues.

  • Johnny

    The same will happen to Facebook that happened to MySpace.

    No kids wants to be like their parents. Time will pass and a new platform will displace Facebook as the coolest.

  • James P

    Nothing owned by billionaire media moguls is cool, by definition. It’s nature’s revenge for them having too much money.

  • Gerry

    Too many useless, if not annoying applications on Facebook. Applications that require you to submit too much personal information, elevating your e-mail to the spam sites. I get too much spam already. It’s the bane of the internet, and I don’t want any more of it. I don’t have time for it anymore than anyone else does. Netlog has both MySpace and Facebook beat, and will become THE place to be. It has issues too; but they seem to be commited to working them out moreso than the others. In time they may go the way of the other dinosaurs (Facebook & MySpace) but they are growing rapidly for the moment.

  • Judi Clarke-Copeland

    MyYearbook and YouLike are trying to be social networking sites, although MyYearbook is customizable, it doesn’t have nearly the popularity of MySpace or Facebook.

    An idea comes out and it succeeds. Someone figures out how it can be profitable. Others want in on it and copycats come out of the woodworks. The pool of the audience is divided by many and the weak die while the strong become more corporate. The coolness factor of the whole thing dies. Then someone comes up with a different idea.

    Social networking isn’t going away, but there will be many different platforms to do it on. Some will die off. The remaining will be corporate owned. And the web 3.0 will come up with something better to do than web 2.0.

    Enjoy the trends as they come, but be ready to let them go if they no longer suit your purpose.

    Personally, I prefer MySpace to Facebook because I can customize my profile and not just look like everyone else’s. I find it easier to monitor my children’s activities on MySpace than on Facebook (fortunately, I have a good relationship with my kids and their friends who are all in my friends lists – Private blog settings also keeps kids/parents selectively out of information you put out in a blog – though you could log into their accounts and see it if you were sneaky).

    Then again, in search I do prefer Yahoo! to Google. Both are corporate owned, both give results plastered with ads (and I am not against people making profit for the work they put into something useful), but Yahoo! search results are more accurate than Google.

    However, Google’s other ventures have made it king over Yahoo! Google has a better e-mail, better news format, and useful apps like Google Earth. They have expanded with the times while Yahoo! was trying to hang on to the search engine model and got left behind.

    If you have something that people enjoy and find useful, they will come back until it stops being fun or useful.

  • AMElizabeth

    I have both a MySpace and a FaceBook site each. The advantage of MySpace is that you can have friendship with both the famous and not famous people. FaceBook allows it only with the people that you know, when it comes to the famous, it is “fan club” set up. Plus because the adults have pretty much taken over MySpace, the teens are moving on to FaceBook. But it is happening over at FaceBook also, the adults are going to it because I have friends that are over there also. It is great to have the best of both worlds.

  • Guest

    If it fails, it will just be a natural evolution of social networking. If the business is smart they will evolve. For sure, competitors will evolve. MySpace is slimy anyway and there are always going to be people that want to expose their crappy and unique dark side and MySpace will be there

    • Beverly J Raffaele

      I completely agree with your statement here.

    • Aztek

      Your blas

  • Kurt

    I agree with Amanda French who recently blogged about the Facebook terms of service here:

    That and other problems with Facebook’s actual service has kept people like me away. The bottom line for me is that until Facebook fixes its terms of service I won’t be back there.

  • James

    For me, Facebook is better because, like you pointed out, it’s clearer and cleaner. MySpace just looks ugly and is massively overburdened with features, and it loads too slowly as it has kept with static pages as opposed to Facebook great use of JavaScript to make your friend’s update easy to find without loading up whole new pages into your browser. MySpace will go the way of the Dodo, never mind Yahoo!, if it doesn’t change radically.

  • DoneInStyle

    I tried MySpace, and it’s just trying to be too many things to too many people. I’m sure Facebook is the same (and those TOS are scary!) There are a lot of smaller social networks out there that are active and vibrant but are highly targeted to a NICHE. I play fiddle, so I belong to and enjoy its simplicity, its ease of use and its community, and the TOS is reasonable, the site owner is considerate and a nice guy. I also belong to a gardener’s community.

    With the ability to create your own community (ie I think you’ll see a lot more of this sort of splintering happening over the next few years. Until the Next Big Idea comes along . . .

  • Shelly

    MySpace is for creative people; Facebook is for those who mainly want a no-nonsense way of networking. Myspace is far more interesting to me. Facebook is sterile and dull. I doubt MySpace will be in any trouble as long as video makers, bands, and comedians continue to use it. New music is still debuted on MySpace and that’s why people like it.
    I much prefer it over Facebook.
    In fact, I cancelled my Facebook account because I hated all the nudges and pokes and all that juvenile stuff, plus it just feels like a place to collect other people. MySpace better showcases creative types.

    • Beverly J Raffaele

      The “add a link” feature on facebook is easy and it allows me to uses a thumbnail image of my choice along with the link. When one is selling art or a book, it is a great tool.

  • Sebastyne

    I used to be a MySpace girl still a few months ago. I’ve had profiles on both for ages, but I never really liked Facebook before, to me it was merely an annoying collection of super time consuming useless application invites with little or no value to me, which forced me to spend half of my time there just clicking through them to ignore them. On MySpace, although it was always a disaster in terms of web design, things were simpler. To me the turn around came when Facebook added that one magic button: “Ignore all”.

    After that, my real life friends started pouring in. I wasn’t bugged by unknown popularity contestants to add me as a friend, but surrounded by my real friends. And that is why I basically stopped logging onto MySpace, as there was nothing left for me – most people there that I needed to interact with were on Facebook anyway.

  • Matt

    The biggest mistake MS allowed was too much freedom.. The pages are customizable, great, so you get all these guys that make you cool templates and sell you them or give them to you full of logos.. They work for a week or two then the embedded coding goes all wonky.

    Then they ask you to confirm your password on some phishing page and spam all your friends with junk..

    As a networker I use a number of these sites for marketing.. MS was great for interacting with bands, suddenly the spam wave hit and they have never really managed to fix it properly since.

    I still have my page there, friends have dropped from 12k to 9k and the ones still on are mostly dormant. I check my mails to see if maybe between all the rubbish there’s a genuine mail but usually get fed up and switch back to FB.

  • Russ

    If MySpace fails, social networking will continue to evolve. This is simply a milestone along the way. A big deal for investors, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

    • Beverly J Raffaele

      MySpace greets me with taudry ads and to add an outside link to advertise my art and books, I need to place the html code in just the right place to keep it from wiping out the back ground etc. It’s too much work.

      The “add a link” feature on facebook is easy and it allows me to uses a thumbnail image of my choice along with the link. When one is selling art or a book, it is a great tool.

      I hate the cheap sleaze on myspace.

      I have a page there but my friends are targeted to artists, authors, and favorite celebrities.

      I use facebook daily and that ignore button on the applications are great.

  • Guest

    Myspace is going no were and it is so much better to use than Fasebook. I went on facewbook and could not even set up a band page and to top it all off i could not find any of my friends. It was very very very hard for me to use facebook. Facebook is not worth the time i wasted truing to find my friends witch was severiah hours with no luck so i am going to stick with THE BEST MYSPACE.

  • Default Layouts

    We own a few myspace resource sites (hence the name) and to be honest, we have seen consistent traffic.

    I agree with a statement above about myspace not being so much a networking place anymore.

    I guess an easy comparison would be Google and Yahoo. Facebook (google) is a lot more geared towards “getting things done” and myspace (yahoo) is more about entertainment these days.

    You just have to look at the myspace homepage to figure that one out.

    I think myspace will be around for a while still, but I do think they will get passed by a new up and coming social networking force soon.

    As long as myspace carry on updating, like the new 2.0 layouts, they will be fine.

    Like any business, you need to be on the pulse to stay in front and at the top.

  • Guest

    yes its toast but all of these sites have only a few years to stay on top before something new and improved comes up.

  • Guest

    No, not really, but it should be for all the reasons cited in your article and more. The difference between Facebook Security and My Space security is day vs. night. More like MySpace WHAT Security?
    Riddled with spammers and virus propagators, MySpace offers only two advantages, if you can count the second as an advantage, one is that it is easier to customize a MySpace page and the other is the wild west feel that some, mostly younger, internet users crave. But if you care whether your computer will boot in the morning and whether some self employed computer programmer living in Russia has access to your personal banking information, you’ll log onto Facebook exclusively.

  • John Lord

    I’ve got 2 or 3 accounts for my songs over at MySpace, but every time I have to log in to do something, I think ‘Sigh’. The interface is terrible and, as a Webmaster, seeing those ghastly customised pages created by users (where you often can’t even read the text because of all the images) is almost offensive.

    I also seem to have 2 diffent logins for the same account, when I’m logged in I can’t find the friends I’m supposed to have and then I seem to have access to both ‘accounts’ from either login. It’s weird.

    YouTube is much better for promoting music, like I do, and comes up better in Google anyway:


      As a webmaster I totally agree with you on user profiles, many of them being so annoying I don’t even bother to visit most of the “friends” pages I have added even though I only add friends that I think are who I want to network with..yes I add non related profiles as they request me as they may be potential customers eventually..but once I visit their page to see who they are, if it’s a totally whacked out page then that most likely will be the only time I visit it.

      MySpace users mostly have no concept of page design.

  • femmdraven

    The only reason I joined Myspace and Facebook is because my friends are there. I already had (still do) a livejournal and that was enough for me, but when everyone jumped on Myspace, I did too. Then Facebook showed up and suddenly everyone was there…so off I went. I did not care for the recent TOS crap that took place at Facebook and was ready to remove my profile, but they apparently got the message from all their users and went back to the old TOS (where they won’t own your soul if you have a profile).

    The real concern for me where Facebook is concerned is the barrage of worms to hit Facebook ( With Myspace, I’ve had my account hacked (once), but I’ve never gotten a virus. Facebook users have and are still under threat of getting cooties if they click on the wrong thing in a friend’s profile and this has been going on since at least December of last year.

    I’ll keep my profiles up on Myspace and Facebook, but when it comes to anything of real importance, I’ll just share with my friends on livejournal.

  • Moreyn Kamenir

    MySpace was dead to ME shortly after I joined. There is nothing I dislike about it itself. Security totally sucked from day one, though.

    As a lot of sites do, they kept adding more and more bells and whistles, but have never done a thing about the atrocities waiting in the shadows to eat your computer.Every single time that I visit MySpace my Norton anti-virus is forced to work overtime. MySpace has consistantly been the most dangerous site I have ever encountered. I might as well stream porn.

    FaceBook was another option, so I went there. Not only is it safe, it allows me much more control over who sees my information. The different groups make it easy to meet others of like mind to add as friends and the ability to create my OWN GROUP is really really cool. It took me maybe 4 or 5 monthes of messing around on FB to find a lot of how it really works. It’s not a shiney thing to play with and throw away like MySpace was…it has layers of use. As I learn about it’s options, I’m always finding new things to do there!

    I miss all the creative opportunities on MySpace, but if you want to play that way just go over to and make your own free site. They’ve got more to play with than MySpace ever dreamt of offering.

  • Moreyn Kamenir

    Onw week of trying to find folks from high school…One week of trying, brought me more old friends than I knew that I had!

    Years on MySpace brought me no old friends. Perhaps MySpace is petering out because instead of improving itself, reinventing itself over and over, it just sat there until FaceBook created a newer improved safer version? Perhaps.


    Is MySpace Toast?
    This is a simple question that has a twist for an answer because depending on you

  • pam

    I don’t know how either survives except as a narcissistic self soother for those who need to think someone else out there really cares.
    Facebook is graying in its membership – the self indulgent younger generation is teaching the older it is fun to naval gaze or maybe preen in front of a mirror.
    You might not be looking for a job, but update your status!
    Communication is around 50% body language and about 30% tone of voice so LOL doesn’t quite cut it as valid communication.
    Maybe they will both die a quiet death and people will actually start talking to each other face to face and get to know their neighbors.
    In fact it should be a rule – you may only use the application if it is to contact a person you know outside the cyber-world.
    Heaven forbid we do that!

  • Multiple Income Streams

    To Me Myspace is losing most of its respect and values,
    its been turned into an advertising network instead of a social Network
    place for people to meet and share good ideas,

    The security is really down, i even lost one of my account for no

    They better work on rebuilding its features and adding more quality
    stuffs to bring it back to life.

  • Guest

    MySpace is centered around music, film, comedy, artists, etc. Facebook is centered around a corporate mentality.
    Hopefully the corporation will not kill the artists, but if you look at the history on that story……..

    MySpace has built several artist’s careers. Has Facebook?

    Anyone who thinks either one is safer than the other doesn’t read much.

    MySpace can and will survive, but it will need help from people who don’t want it to die.

    • MySpace user

      I’m a MySpace user for 3 years now, I also have a facebook account. Facebook will not win from MySpace.

      Facebook does not do it for me.

      MySpace can and will survive!!!!

  • A Performing Artist

    I initially went to myspace because I liked it ease of use, the ability to customize your page, among other things. However, after two years on it I had 3 friends. Couldn’t find another performing artist in my field at all. I knew nothing about Facebook but signed on just to see what it was. Within a week of signing on I had over 75 friends and it just keeps growing. I’ve found lost relatives, new business contacts, as well as my friends. I actually prefer MySpace, but I take my business where it will grow and that includes my friends and family. Last time I checked, no change in myspace contacts.


    MySpace pretty much shot my reason for being there down when they started disabling links to my website and users getting that stupid “warning page”:

    “The link you are trying to visit has been disabled.

    You have reached a link that is no longer in service. That means the link was very naughty, and, much like head lice, had to be eliminated before it spread.

    You may be asking yourself, ‘Hey, what was it about that link that got it in trouble?’ An excellent question! Usually, it’s one of the following reasons:

    – The link was spam! No one likes spammers, and we don’t like their links.

    – You almost got phished! There are people out there who want to steal your MySpace password. They want to log in as you and send spam, harass your friends, change your profile, and generally run amok. Phishing pages are usually designed to look like MySpace to trick you. Other sites may also ask for your MySpace login information to customize your profile, insert videos or slide shows, track visitors, or any number of other things.Don’t make it easy for them. ONLY USE YOUR MYSPACE LOGIN INFO ON http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM!!

    – Viruses are not fun! Neither is adware, spyware, or malware. We cut the links to places that are known sources of infection.

    If you really did want to check out some spam, viruses, or phishing pages, we’re really sorry to have interrupted. We’re sure you can find it elsewhere. There’s plenty on the Internet”

    Which makes your site seem like one to be avoided etc site is none of that stuff to avoid except it iss to sexy for minors, so the “to naughty” I guess I can live with, but it’s no more naughty than Playboy and since I can’t stop minors for sending me “add request” at MySpace I have to check every profile of a user that his or her info indicates they may be minors so I can reject them.

    This would be the same at FB if they don’t implement blocking options for adult that do not wish to be able to be contacted by any minors on their adult profiles.

    Facebook on the other hand I am liking more and more since I setup account 2 years ago but only late last years really started using it more than MySpace and the main reason is because FB doesn’t disable links to my website…which means I see the traffic i am looking for that I no longer get from MySpace unless a user figures out to copy and paste any links to our site.

    All social sites I think if they are going after total number of users must realize like Yahoo did, not to reject that use but setup age protected sections, but as Yahoo knows if they really have no way of verifying age, kids smart enough to know to just setup their profiles with phony birth dates that will allow them into those areas..but that then takes the problem out of the users hands that set up properly in a adult restricted let the site deal with the minors that circumvent the system..naturally if I discover any user may be a minor no matter what their profile says, I delete or ban them soon as I get that suspicion!

  • Bill Kruse

    Myspace is for kiddies, Facebook is for young professionals. There’s the difference. I don’t imagine FB will be so full of the shiny and the happy as it is now, though, not after a year of sackings.


    • Guest

      I think you are full of crap on this. Half the people on FB are kiddies, not young professionals. You should take a look outside your cocoon sometime…

  • Guest

    I totally agree with everything you stated in your post. Personally, for me, I just really don’t see the big hype in MySpace. It’s big, bulky, ugly, unsafe and just overall worthless. Sure, you can customize your pages… but really, it gets to a point where it’s tto much. I’ve seen some pages that took forever and a day to load… on 20meg cable broadband! And honestly, once you’re there, what’s to look at? What’s to do? Yeah, they have the music thing, but big deal. Youtube is MUCh better at showing off your new music. And, once Youtube loads with your music, you can easiy direct them to YOUR website… and we all know having your own site is BY FAR better than depending on MySpace, although it does have the traffic factor… but so does Youtube (actually better).

    As stated, is for kids. It’s a flashy way to connect. But that’s about where it ends. Nobody that seriously wants to promote themselves, their product, their music, their art… or whatever it may be, uses MySpace. Our organization has a page there, but we NEVER update it. Actually, I don’t anyone from our group has logged on there since before Christmas… and it’s coming down soon anyway.

    All in all, MySpace is just plain garbage. The spam, trojans, phishing… no thanks.

    Facebook on the other hand, is a different world. It’s professional (not childish trash like MS), has a more corporate feel, clean, fast, easy, more advanced, safer. We actually just use it for promotional reasons. But to be honest, I’m 32, and I really have no use for either. Really, what’s the point other than promotion? Send messages to friends: So what? Big deal. I have email and a cell phone. The forums and discussions are good (facebook). Some applications are good. But overall , man, I just don’t get it.

    If I had to pick, the VERY EASY choice would be Facebook by a mile. Is MS history? No, not by any means. Will it be toast? Nope, not anytime in the near future. It’s here, it will stay here for now. As long as you have kids, you’ll have MS. But what we will see, I believe, is a HUGE decline in users, drops in traffic, as seen already, and it will eventually lose most of its “coolness”. Eventually, it’ll be gone. But folks, this aint happing anytime soon. It will be years and years before MS finally falls.

    Facebook, however, will become the “thing”. What worries me though, is that it could eventually turn into what MS is: complete and total junk which is useless to any serious professional… or any adult.

    Personally, I think Ning is better than both as far as creating your own network or group.

  • FPW

    MySpace was, in the beginning, “cool.” Unheard of. new. Exciting. Then along came Facebook, where not only could you meet youor old and new friends, but there was STUFF to do… apps, fun, new groups to join and more. MySpace paled instantly. I kept my MySpace profile alive for the few friends who hung out “over there,” and because I liked their blogging facilities better. But it all got to be too much – FB had them beat every time they turned around and so, goodbye MySpace.

    I am amazed to hear Photobucket is suffering too. It is by far the superior photo site. Flickr and WebShots are annoying, not as good and much less user-friendly. I have no intention of dumping Photobucket.

    As for the argument that MySpace is for kiddies and FB for everyone else, especially “young adults,” etc. I think that’s the biggest bunch of bohunkus I have read in ages. FB is more fun, easier, and will soon beat all of the other, probably because that’s what they appear to want to do… MySpace, after a while, seemed like a ship adrift with no one at the helm…

    • Debra M

      The main reason I did not like myspace is the number of unsolicited, spam-like, and even malicious contacts that emerged there. I like the “approved friend” concept of facebook much better and the ability to define levels of accessibility to content. Facebook presents a much more professional appearance and I do believe that it will remain popular, at least into the near future.

      • Guest

        Don’t care about spam. You will have it on Facebook too!

        Just give Facebook some time…

  • Brooster

    Growing facebook popularity on the pseudo negative attributes of myspace will drive facebook nowhere! This kind of negative advertisement is far away from Google cool attitude!

    What do you think about a person who talk bad about your clothes, just to get himself higher?

  • Guest

    I haven’t been on MySpace for almost a year. The last time I went to confirm a friend request I picked up the one and only virus I’ve ever had. I will never go back to MySpace!

  • Brooster

    I “picked” a virus on Facebook too!

    BTW, try to compare Facebook to Altavista not Google 😉

  • Josh

    I not only have a problem with the facebook vs. myspace debate but I also have a problem how you compared Yahoo with Google, in my Opinion Yahoo! has outdone Google (except for the Earth part) and I’ll continue to use Yahoo! more than I will Google.

    One reason is I hate simplicity, maybe thats also why I dont use Facebook much (and maybe the hacker situation is keeping me away too). I love customization options/ lots of color, being a artistic person who likes Graphic Design, I hate any site that is making something from this dull look that my little sister could have did by just going on paint and putting a stupid font that says the site name. Also, I recommend Myspace still, I love the way unfound talent with bands/musicians find me, and some people should be recognized.

    Thats just my opinion.

    • Josh

      P.S. the spam follows the traffic.
      So its only time before you get hammered with facebook spam.

    • Jillian

      MySpace has always bothered me. Can’t look or listen to pages without pain! Ugly. Slowed downed my computer. To scared to visit other pages. Too many fraudsters, people misrepresenting who they were. Unwanted mails.
      Facebook is OK. But still finding my way around, even though have been on there for about 2 years. Love that some of my selling sites show up automatically on facebook to help with promotion.
      I’ll be glad when MySpace goes. One less networking site to go to.

  • SEO India

    Any social networking platform helps a few people to gain something, few fast bucks may be. Its a waste of time for most people. Most of the ime, I had to deal with a lot of spam. I think niche networking sites are much better for ordinary people like me.
    Anyway, these sites are fads. One has to make use of it while a website is a rage and move on the next one.

    • Guest

      I agree with this assesment. I rarely receive any more friend request from MySpace. Now it’s faceook. We have to just ride each one out unitl you find a niche site that works well for you.

  • Guest

    No, Myspace is not Toasted unless new users have their
    head washed by commercials and ads-comments, and old users
    are constrained.

  • Yvette Kelly

    From one of the oldies on Facebook and from far away in Africa I think facebook‘s success has been the marketing it did in the rest of the world outside US.I had never ever heard of MySpace and along came Facebook.Once I joined I think about 30 people in my company joined within the next hour and that was just from one sign up.We were ripe for an opportunity like this and have been devotees ever since.

  • Royce Sarusal

    MySpace isn’t toast, but it will and had better get used to a smaller niche of customers. The wave of being the baddest has crested and reality will settle in.

    We NEED Myspace to keep the younger crowd there, so that Facebook doesn’t get infiltrated by those who just want to create a cool flashy (and eye hurting) personal page, have 6 different autostart audio players going, and basically have personal pages that look like a badly tagged/grafitti overrun billboard. Keep the juvenile tendencies on MySpace. Let the more conservative and purposeful adults who know how to behave be the facebook targeted crowd.

    Of course… those who truly want to network among the working Joes and Janes for professional reasons honestly should go to linkedin.

  • tony

    I am not sure how start these comment because I am not surely positive to what I understand, that? Are people out there are trying to close down “My Space” I am not to happy of hearing such news. I find that my space is very friendly and simple place to express you thinking and fillings, it is not design for one individual or individual groups, there for it should be left alone to individual if he or she wants to belong to the site / my space web grope. Yes in some instances maybe some people express them self perhaps little more then they should but, But? If you fill that is more then they should you as watcher have right to move on this is free country but not perhaps as we may think that is. I know that there is been some changes on some other sites as unsent binaries thanks to some individuals complains that they kids can watch porn so who

  • Guest

    The user below “Yvette Kelly” is payed for positive comment advertisement:

    “I think about 30 people in my company joined within the next hour”

    Yeah, they are not working! They just spent time on Facebook!
    And they see a site for the first time in their life! So they run
    to join all 30 in one hour! bhhh.

    At least think real, please!

    • SMX

      I agree, and she is not the only one!

    • Kid

      Can this kind of abuse be reported to someone?

      • Brooster

        I think that the payer is WPN. And the article is created by
        purpose to create a reason for ads-coments.

  • Guest

    I have Myspace and Facebook and I like Myspace a whole lot better. Facebook is just boring. Yes, I have found a lot of old high school class mates on Facebook, but honestly they are a part of my past and more than a hello, how are you, glad you’re still alive & your kids/grandkids are cute gets pretty boring. Myspace is just a lot easier to keep up with my current friends, bands, clubs and activities. I have been on Myspace for many years and have a ton of friends there and the amount of spam I have gotten is minimal. I’ve never gotten a virus from there, maybe people need to watch what they do and click on before they go putting the blame on Myspace that they got a virus. Myspace rocks and I would hate to see it go down. Why does it have to be either/or anyway? Everyone likes something different.

    • Guest

      Well from my experience with Myspace I have rebuilt 3 PC’s for my niece and nephew because they got so much spyare and adware from going on Myspace.

      If it is boring to someone to build relationships with people in the past (i.e. friends, relatives) and feel that a simple , hello how are you is sufficient I am glad you are not one of my past friends.

      MySpace is ghetto, trashy and full of viruses, adware and spyware.

      Maybe there are parts of it that can serve some purpose for some types of people. For the most part it is a bunch of people that seem to think that showing pictures of themselves looking ghetto is attractive.

      And true. It doesn’t have to be one over the other and all people are different. I do have a facebook and hope that eventually they don’t turn into a “Myspace”. MySpace isn’t for me plus I am tired of fixing PC’s.

      I don’t mind using my real name as I don’t have anything to hide. I think that allowing someone to use a fake namesake opens up the internet to all of the things that have given the internet a bad name like child predators.

    • nirmala

      liked your viewpoint.



    Your idea really calls for thoughts, you know. If myspace stops existing so what? Well just as if we stopped existing too would we go about life fearful? Neglecting some aspects of it? No, we shall still engage fully with it as long as it stays.


    Let’s come down to some basic facts here. Myspace has been kind of a daddy thing to many other social groups and to just criticize without considering the positive side of it doesn’t make a good argument. Does it?


    Fb is good (still learning about it) with it’s many features which came as a result of myspace’s experiences (I mean some negatives of myspace were corrected and avoided in Fb which enhanced Fb). But it was so because myspace took the pain to learn and grow in the darker moments. It should have, like any other, quit or so but it stayed. Thus for Fb to give myspace a negative image in order to promote herself may not be a better way to work on.


    Criticizing what should be your partner in the business is a sign of immaturity. It also shows that face book is still young in the business and cannot handle real social crisis when faced against it.


    In any business undertaking, you may ask any successful entrepreneur or CEO they would tell you that the business that just works well since it’s inception never facing any challenges has not learn to overcome any challenge as well. And the probability for it to fail or disappoint other is greater. Thus we should ask the question that if face book should stop existing what would happen to social networking? What shall we to fear of?


    To be candid, myspace may never stop growing and has greater strength than many social sites. But Fb will also grow also. But Myspace has got the power the pulls the masses (SCP) that for sound crowd Power. This is what gave birth to social networking in th first place.

    The musicians, bands and their fans called for ways to reach their fans, then came the back bone of the “know hows” the musician and their fans gave music promoters and industry to invest on this side and while working toward accomplishing that goal, many social site and their effectiveness and ills came to light. But the social media came to existence because of music.

    The site were never meant for promotion but the musicians in promoting what their fans (social groups) liked brought about other aspects of promotion not just music. The real point is music & fans are the great strength of social sites which will determine which shall go or stay in business sooner or later. And for this myspace is a GIANT period.


    I am being too long now, anyway, those who said that myspace is for kids should take a look on the real statistics. If they do it would reveal to the that Fb has a very high rate of under aged and school children.

    It better to check out fact before commenting one’s personal side of public issues. It’s been nice sharing.

    • Sakara

      In my opinion this is the best comment on the topic. Well written.

  • Dasdream

    This article was written by someone who cleary doesnt like Myspace. You can tell by the “jabs” he gives to myspace. First off myspace has had several updates.

    Problem with facebook is you have to use a real name and any idiot knows never to use your real name on the internet, so facebook is forcing you to do that. aswell as having your e-mail public. if you are lazy and want somethign basic and plain then Facebook is your place. if you want something fancy on your page. Myspace is ou rhome.

    Remember without Myspace there wouldnt be a Facebook.

    • Marige OBrien

      And I disagree with the “any idiot knows never to use your real name on the internet” comment. Perhaps you’re referring to non-professionals. Or simply predators. If so, you should have been more specific. (That’s the trouble with those broad, blanket statements… someone can always tear them apart.)

      Anyone wishing to establish themselves online or in a professional capacity must (or, at least, should) use their real name. If not, people will find out.

      As for an email address, so what? If you’re not comfortable with using a primary email address, there are plenty of places where you can get a free one — hotmail, yahoo, gmail. Just to name a few.

  • Cotton Rohrscheib

    In my opinion, MySpace lost it’s value a long time ago.

  • Ruhani Rabin

    1. The facebook and myspace audience are not the same
    2. @Myspace you don’t even know who you’re dealing with and on the other hand @Facebook you build real people relations
    3. Myspace was their when there was nobody around
    4. Facebook and Myspace has different purposes as you can see from all the comments given to this page

    Fun facts…
    I’ve got maybe 400++ contacts in myspace and none of them I know in person (ah maybe 2 or so)

    I’ve got 400++ contacts in facebook and unfortunately I know them all including family members, relatives, school friends, colleagues and business contacts

    As you can see myspace and facebook has their own type of target audience like those who don’t like to put their names on the net and those who like to keep tabs on real people.

    In my honest opinion, Myspace and facebook are not entirely comparable and also I don’t think Myspace is Toast.

  • Free Text

    I got bored with MySpace a while back

  • James Clark

    I too always found myspace hard to look at, much like a tripod page of the 90’s.

    I have a lot of musician friends that swore by myspace for promoting themselves. It seemed to be a good outlet for bands but I couldn’t understand why these bands would put their myspace address on their album cover instead of putting their band URL. I told them the concept that myspace could be a passing fad where at least your own domain name is forever.

  • Guest

    and Brad Paisley hasn’t written a song about it…..

  • Guest

    I’m surprised kids have not already abandoned Facebook…it’s been overrun by old people. All my 50-something friends are on Facebook, making inane status updates: “Sandy is taking her dog for a walk.” It’s surely just a matter of months before our kids congregate somewhere else.

    • CurtFranklin

      Uh, the whole point of Facebook is that you only approve the friends you want to approve. What difference does it make who else is on Facebook, or what age they are? You only see the status updates of the people you approve.

  • Chris

    What a transparent attempt at oneupmanship.

    I tried Facebook; it bored the living hell out of me, and most other people I know. They came and copied MySpazz and now they’re paying people like you to dump on it.

    • CurtFranklin

      Or maybe you’re being paid to cruise the Web and dump on any negative comments about MySpazz. lol

  • Dan

    is to gather informations about the population – informations that are accsesed and controlled by the Information Awareness Office – Facebook spies on you so the gouverment knows what the hell you’re doing, what you eat, drink and shit, how you relate to friends – etc informations that is gathered for marketing pourpouses for the international corporations to see you their shit products.

    • Guest

      I agree!

  • Guest

    Is Facebook Toast?

  • ?Piper?

    Good riddance. The nail was hit on the head when said it was a strip mall in a sleazy part of town. Sleazy is an understatement and putting it mildly, as with many areas on the net. I will be happy for this awakening for all.
    Sat Nam, `(-_-)’

  • Business Trends

    this is normal just because of the way technology progressed from 2005 to 2009, and Facebook is just the next star after MySpace, waiting for its own turn?

  • Susan Sharma

    Facebook scores by being more intuitive and userfriendly. I have both myspace and facebook accounts. If you are serious about social networking, one does not have TIME to wade through tons of obtrusive ads and a maze of features before getting on with what you want to communicate.

    I found that the special interest groups in myspace are usually managed better.

    It is time to empower the user more and more!

  • Tony Lee

    As an older person, ( I watched Niel Armstrong walk on the moon when I was 12) I can’t say I’m much of a Myspace fan either way. But I do know that my teen daughter lives for it.

    This doesn’t come much of a surprise to me as these social networking sites try to monetize themselves to make a buck or two. Sooner or later they will understand exactly who their target audience is. Then perhaps, they will resort back to the “social” interface they once were.

    Isn’t that the reason they call it “My Space” anyway?

    • Peter Hutchison

      Older Person? I watched the moon landings with my daughter and I can remember when there was no Windows, only DOS!

      I have looked at both and can see no need for either.

  • Free PPC Search

    This article is very frank and it is true – MySpace is just for kids.

    However, Internet is always changing and we can never know who will be the next cool thing.

  • steve

    Changing with time is the only way of survival in the moern world of cut throat competition and facebook is doing it.Internet users this day get bored easily

  • make money online

    they are both way over rated

    • Guest

      I agree I use both of them, Why I dont know, I ‘m ready for somthing new.

  • Guest

    This is just my opinion for what it is worth, but frankly I think that the novelty is wearing off both of these and the internet needs a whole new direction… the economy also has a lot to do with it, as people (and there customers or users are actually people) take a good look at themselves and what they are doing with there time…

    There is nothing new in either of them, so why should people spend there good time, creating content for either and it’s the users that create there content…. only to be taken advantage of by both with there adware and spyware…

    A pox on both there houses I say..!!!!

  • Mike Adamowicz

    It’s a long time since I was a teenager. But I consider myself quite computer literate. Yet Myspace has proven more difficult for me to navigate through and find what I am looking for. While Facebook isn’t glitch-free, I find it much easier to use. I use the Facebook account daily while my Myspace gathers electronic dust.

  • Guest

    Interesting article on My Space. I have never found that My Space was very user friendly. I recently joined Facebook and found that it was much easier to use than My Space. But do we not always go in trends. Yahoo was always there then all of a sudden google came along and that was what everybody used. Now Facebook has done something to get everyone to come to them. Question is what is next? I have another social networking spot that I like and that is called Indianapolis Grapevine. The Grapevine have sites for a lot of cities across the US I think they may be the next Facebook.

  • Guest

    I Love your article, it came just as I deleted my My Space due to Facebooks amazing superiority over its competitor. Nice article buddy

  • Guest

    Ha that is what I say, my 2 cents are why would anybody spend even one minute on this social networking sites in the first place.

    I don’t get it, what is there I don’t see anything can someone point me on what is on those page, I still don’t see anything wait no more xxx wait, no that is not cool ah.

    They should pull the switch right now on both for all i care :).

  • Logo design service

    or maybe that has already happened.

  • Debbie Morgan

    on FaceBook. Like many other businesses, I’m on MySpace and FaceBook as well as other social sites for the main purpose of socially marketing my safety and security web site. It just seems easier to do on FaceBook and I think business owners are a big reason why FaceBook has taken off.

  • Cathy

    MySpace is owned by a huge fascist media corporation. They censor your art and your opinions by removing them from the site, especially if you are critical of any of their corporate friend companies.

    Facebook recently sneaked in a real doozy. All of your info. including your likeness can be used any way they see fit and it is theirs, even if you delete your site. Check it out.

    Although I still have a Facebook profile (to keep up with family and friends, I am looking for something better.

    I am 48 years old and my kids (teen and twenties) enjoy the fact that they are on the same social networking site as I am.

    • Don Watson

      I use Myyearbook as it is a good site for all ages 13 plus. I have an account with Myspace, Facebook, Tagged, Bebo, Twitter just to name a few but nothing and I mean nothing compares to Myyearbook. I go on Myyearbook everyday and do not visit the other sites unless I get an email notification about a change with a friend or something else. Hope you check it out and enjoy it.

  • Apartment Budapest

    What a big problem

    • Rat

      To be honest I feel MySpace is a great site although I do not find time to keep it updated. On MySpace like Bebo you can have a different or different identities. My worst site is Facebook. It allows people with stage names on it but it deletes them all the time. Facebook does not live in the real world – its not friends reunited.

  • Gabrielle

    MySpace has always been good for high school kids (and younger) and sexual predators who want to know them. Facebook is for grownups. It is social networking at its best. It helped elect a president. It took digital marketing to a whole new level. Facebook reinvents itself as technology and social networking progresses, and that’s what keeps its number of users growing at staggering numbers (while MySpace is declining). It is engaging, useful, informative, and best of all, fun. Baby boomers are joining Facebook at rapid rates, and it is truly international. Whether you like their policies or not, Facebook is here to stay!

  • Spotty Dogg

    I have been using myspace, facebook,bebo, twitter etc for our bands profile. I would say myspace is the best for Bands and the others for social networking. Facebook & Twitter have predefined modules that are more suited to kids and general socializing and don’t have many options for customising your layout or using different templates. Bebo has the option of skins but most of these sites are full of annoying features. i mean facebook has the option to “Poke” people, ( Doesn’t get any more pervy than that) .Myspace (Although many restrictions) you can create your own div overlays, and run java scripts, install thousands of templates from html to flash.

    So if your a band stick to myspace

    If your looking to meet people in general then bebo, facebook, twitter are for you.

    If it wasn’t for the band i would have neither of these, I mean people are worrying about identity fraud and these sites only improve the chance of your identity being stolen its a bit like giving your personal diary to the public. there needs to be some sort of regulation in place on these sites to stop the obvious

    • Joshua

      I think Facebook makes it more easier to meet new people compared to MySpace. I started with a MySpace Profile before getting a Facebook profile. I now have many more friends on Facebook than Myspace, I actually would rather log onto my Facebook profile than MySpace. Facebook is easier to navigate among other things though it also has its own problems too… I believe they can all learn from their mistakes, from one another and from outsiders who use the services to revamp their services. Thanks

  • Spotty Dogg

    I have been using myspace, facebook,bebo, twitter etc for our bands profile. I would say myspace is the best for Bands and the others for social networking. Facebook & Twitter have predefined modules that are more suited to kids and general socializing and don’t have many options for customising your layout or using different templates. Bebo has the option of skins but most of these sites are full of annoying features. i mean facebook has the option to “Poke” people, ( Doesn’t get any more pervy than that) .Myspace (Although many restrictions) you can create your own div overlays, and run java scripts, install thousands of templates from html to flash.

    So if your a band stick to myspace

    If your looking to meet people in general then bebo, facebook, twitter are for you.

    If it wasn’t for the band i would have neither of these, I mean people are worrying about identity fraud and these sites only improve the chance of your identity being stolen its a bit like giving your personal diary to the public. there needs to be some sort of regulation in place on these sites to stop the obvious

  • Railwalker

    MySpace is far superior to Facebook on almost every level … FB is filled with annoying content …. who cares that Bill is now friends with Jane, and the “What I’m doing now” … results in some of the dumbest comments imaginable. FB doesn’t allow the user to create music and the constant updating about what people have said or done … is well just a HUGE waste of brain power. Posted notices that are completely irrelavant is another reason Facebook is plain obnoxious.

    • Guest

      I agree whenever I go on Face book iam deleting hundreds of you might know entries that come from my contacts contacts
      and I don’t need to own you or trade you or join your pass the flowers group. Face book was invented for people who don’t have
      a life and they for got that the internet is the greatest research tool
      in the world.
      I’m just a plain old email type and don’t need all the hype

      • Rachael, 12, Darlington

        Mmmm, honey. Your lack of proper grammar and professionality (ie. Facebookers don’t have a life) kinda defects your argument.

    • Rachael, 12, Darlington, UK.

      That’s rubbish. I signed up for Facebook in March 2008 and I was completely hooked. I signed up for Myspace around the same time but it never hooked me in and I grew very bored with it. Facebook does allow people to put on music – the pages for it are very easy to find. Facebook, while not as so-called ‘creative’ as Myspace (whose flashing lights and stupid graphics do my head in), is clean, well layed-out, decently fast, and DOESN’T make a stupid paintball penguin graphic whenever you click on a friend’s page.

  • Kristena

    I had signed up for MySpace a couple of years ago. I tried messing with it but it never hooked me in. However, I joined Facebook end of November 2008 and I have been hooked ever since. I have found so many people I knew from high school and others I knew from where I useed to lived many years ago. It gives you suggestions of people that you might know by the people who you have as your friends. I love the feed to see what people are doing. I have had a lot of tragedy in my life in the past 8 months and Facebook was a refeshing change. MySpace is nothing compared.

  • Orillasound

    i use myspace for my music networking which works well in reaching out to some great contacts in the music industry, i use bebo to keep in touch and have a laugh with all my friends and family, ive only recently been using facebook but was pretty well put off by a youtube video that alledgedly exposes the people that run facebook for who they really are, its quite scary, can anyone clarify if the video is a conspiracy theory, or just plain conspiracy?

  • Miami Web Design

    Facebook All the way. Although I don’t have the time to really keep up but it’s has been found more useful then myspace by many that I know.

  • Robert

    Morons spamming their god-awful bands is one of the negatives of MySpace for most users. As for Facebook, it is flavour of the month. Let’s see another year from now…

    There is no future building a web presence that it based on any of these sites. Remember GeoCities anyone? Thought not…

  • Denver SEO

    Facebook beats MySpace all day long. Cleaner, more functional with endless apps, and no blaring music when you open a new page. People can surf Facebook at work without getting caught. Try that with MySpace, you open one page and people know you’re web surfing when the music starts to blare.

    Facebook is the new king of social media, but if I was them, I’d be watiching out for Twitter. Oh yeah, they are – all those new functions are supposed to Twitterize Facebook. So maybe they’ll hold their new crown for longer than MySpace did.

    • Guest

      I’ll admit Myspace has got to clean up with their perverted ads, goofy flashy ads and loose image. But blaring music? Umm, there is all kinds of music not just blaring music. Who doesn’t like music? That’s exactly what keeps me on Myspace. I was with facebook for like a month and got so incredibly bored with it I deleted my account. It is a huge SNORE I guess anyone with a creative mind will stick with a place they can exercise their creativity. If Facebook added music profiles and allowed people to create some kind of individuality to their profile, I would be there too as i’m a musician so of course I want music! Who doesnt like music unless you’re dead, dull and boring. Facebook is ugly too. Nothing to it. Simply boring. Maybe most people are switching because they have no creativity and it’s easier to have the same old profile as everyone else.

      • Guest

        I have to agree with this guy. I tried Facebook and lasted even less than a month. BO-ring. I need music. I LIKE personalized pages. I totally prefer MySpace.

      • Guest

        Facebook has added music pages, and they’re not exactly hard to find. As such a music lover I’d have expected you to find it; considering my 60+ luddite father is a fan of several blues artists on facebook, perhaps you’re not as hip to the music scene as you think? The difference between myspace and facebook music profiles is that when you open one up on facebook the music doesn’t automatically start blaring at you and you’re not visually assaulted by some “creative” person’s idea of a swell layout, which 99% of the time is over-graphical, impossible to navigate and about as aesthetically appealing as a nursery school kid’s finger painting.

        • Guest

          Facebook music pages are junk. They just rss your Reverb Nation Account, which is almost useless

      • PERRY Multi-Media

        As a company with give divisions, one of which is a record label, we have to have the myspace!!! It is crucial that we are able to let people preview the product before requiring them to by it! If there is not a way for them to preview the product (our music), then they WILL NOT BUY IT!!! It is just that simple! Everyone I know, online and off, has a MySpace account! Or they know someone who has one. MySpace is FREE for almost everything! You can play games, listen to music, make friends, learn about shows in your area and upload your own music for people to listen to! Facebook costs to do most of the things that we need to do to promote our business! We will never use Facebook, personally or for our business, regardless of how “popular” they may seem! NEVER!

  • Jonas Cronfeld

    What’s wrong with booty calls? 😉

  • Michael

    MySpace is definitely on the way out in lieu of facebook. Most people have accounts on both networks, but are now spending more time on facebook in my experience. The layout in Myspace is a mess, and much harder to navigate… not to mention that the colors and insanely large amount of page customization make it an eyesore. Even the homepage is manic in appearance. They are now playing catch up keeping up with facebook features too.

    Worst of all in my opinion is the sleazy ads that are constantly bombarding me. Facebook may have some skin showing in their ads occasionally, but they are smaller at least, and certainly sleaze is less frequent. Myspace on the other hand has let advertising take over their system. Sure it means money for them, but if the ads take over then no one will come. We get spammed enough already!

    • A webmarketing guy

      I agree with the sleazy ads on Myspace. At least on Facebook, there is a “thumbs up/thumbs down” option underneath every ad. If I don’t like an ad, I can give it a thumbs down. Facebook will ask for a reason to help keep the ads relevant for it’s users. Choices include: “Misleading, offensive, uninteresting, irrelevant or repetitive.” I give this type of real-time feedback a “thumbs up!”

      On a similar note, even my Yahoo! email account is starting to show some sleazy ads. I’m going to switch to gMail for that reason alone.

  • jame

    I like it .this is nice post.I am the new,thanks for giving the post

  • anon

    If you’re at work – browsing the web like 90% of the people who use social networking sites are (and 87% of statistics on the Web are made up on the spot..) and the boss walks past, what do you want on your screen?

    MySpace? With kids/glaring colors/flashing fonts/ or FaceBook – with a white background, simple looking interface, and subdued photos?

    MySpace is for kids. Facebook is for everyone. LinkedIn is for professional people. “Everyone” and “professional people” are still growth groups. Kids are maxed out. MySpace has nowhere to go but down.

  • Deke Thornton

    Your article is spot on, especially the parts about getting kicked in the face with colors and flashing penguins and charm bracelets. As a designer, I found myself immediately repelled by MySpace. When I discovered FaceBook, it was a breath of fresh air. I still found FaceBook a bit confusing at the outset, but at least it was clean enough to get oriented and eventually figure out. I think the story of MySpace vs. Facebook is ultimately about the power of interface and aesthetics. Don’t underestimate the look and feel of your website!

  • Guest

    Facebook is for people you already know, whereas Myspace is for meeting new people (the main point in a networking site in my eyes).

    The more advanced profiles on myspace are a plus over facebook. More personalization. Granted as someone mentioned above, you would rather be looking at something more ‘professional’ (ie: boring) at work, but then why are looking at recreational sites when at the workplace anyway?

    (If I worked so much just to get by, that I had to find my daily entertainment while at my job and if my job were that stuck up, anyway, to be judgmental over such retarded crap as people showing some ‘flavor’, or actual personality, so to speak, I would almost kill myself or be homeless, rather than letting such a boring restrictive job become not just my necessary means to an end, but part of my actual IDENTITY as an ‘adult’……If I had to brainwash myself to like a boring job THAT much……let’s just say that I wouldn’t call that ‘living’ exactly. But, if that compromise is what is takes for one person to ‘survive’, who am I to judge? BUT…..just a side note. Back to the main point, now.)

    Plus, facebook‘s navigation is ten times more complex, which can be a pain in the ass until you really take time to adjust to and figure it out.

    All in all, myspace is still superior, in my eyes.

  • Adam

    MySpace suffered from an identity crisis shortly after Facebook arrived as Facebook’s more structured design and focus towards social networking gave people more of a reason to use it.

    MySpace is still a place to upload photos and customise your page but I guess the novelty soon wore off. Facebook’s popularity boosted as a result.

  • EarRings

    Facebook kept you in the loop but they’re not annoying and the interface was fast enough to be usable.

  • Maggie

    Yes, it’s toast. I’m thinking that Facebook will be toast next year around this same time.

    We shall see…

  • Dan

    MySpace has clearly lost the lead to both Facebook and now Twitter. But that’s not to say all hope for it has been lost. It still gets a tremendous amount of traffic and it can still reverse it’s decline. But in order to do so, MySpace/NewCorp needs to make some changes and clean it up.

    First they need to limit design capabilities to profiles so they don’t appear broken, as it seems many of them seem to appear. Beyond this, there needs to be more consistency from profile to profile within Myspace both in functionality and form.

    Secondly, for profiles/material that can be considered objectionable, they should be placed under a separate area which can be considered the “adult” area – similar to how Youtube handles certain types of videos. When hitting a profile that falls into this category, you’d get a warning about the content like you would on Youtube.

  • Graffiti Letters

    Well… we can debate what makes Facebook better than Myspace until the end of earth, but for me the interesting thing is the rapidity in which people switch alliegances in terms of their online hangouts.

    Facebook may very well be boshed out of the way by Bebo in a couple of years…

  • Guest

    The problem I have with Myspace: I am not able to sign in to my myspace page. When I click the ‘cannot remember password button’ , myspace does not give me the option of a new password.

    Hence: I have been able to access my account for 12 months. And will not be creating a new profile.

  • Jere

    Forum follows function. and these social networkers can’t network there way through the pizzaz. The users of Myspace did it to themselves. So many teens and pre teens decided to “pimp” their myspace with paint and glitter that they annoyed themselves. They added so many friends they never talk to and never met, and scared their parents into stalking their own children. finally all of the kool kids realized that it isnt kool to be part of the crowd and took there clique elsewhere. so when the previously exclusive facebook dominated by cool college kids opened to the public, they decided to move on and chill. the same future is coming for facebook though. as for old by the various apps becoming available to facebook. it will soon be overrun with trends and fashions until we all decide to find a new clean slate. i think many will return to myspace when all the trends have gone. it will be considered old skool.

  • Guest

    I personally prefer Myspace because:

    It isn’t as intrusive as facebook
    I don’t necessarily want some girl/guy I met in a pub once 3 yrs ago knowing what colour socks I’m wearing or looking at photos of me

    Facebook clearly sells on far more personal info about you and will be largely responsible for a forthcoming huuuuge increase in online advertising which will kill the internet as we know it….just like it’s done to TV (adverts are like the smelly kid at school…..”why is everyone over on that side of the classroom?….I’m going over there with them”….NO DON’T. ITS BECAUSE WE WANT TO GET AWAY FROM YOU!!!!! Where do we go when the smelly kid is all over the internet?

    Finally (and mostly) I prefer myspace because I can host my music on there which facebook can’t do…..rubbbbbbish! To be fair though; if facebook added the ability to host music…I’d be straight on it

  • Guest

    Myspace is now basically for old men trying to pick up younger girls that can’t see they are balding and overweight. They should post those fake profiles like you see on AFF, and turn it into a sleezy pick-up site, that way they’d make more money than FB.

    So, that’s why it sucks now. Any questions?

    Let me explain further. It sucked before, but no one noticed because they were too busy messing with their profile page. At least now I can say that Myspace sucks publicly without Myspace users launching into a tantrum because of how “cool” and “in control” it the site Myspace (sucks now) makes them feel.

    I never used Myspace because it sucks. It always sucked (Myspace did) and always sounded like a place for backsliding/porno-exhausted/30-somethings that were trying to hook up via modem with random 18 year olds. I didn’t want to be lumped into that crowd. Besides I felt like spending time on something that was worthwhile.

    Glad I was right!

  • Daryn St. Pierre

    MySpace’s boat sailed ages ago. The only reason I ever even got a MySpace page was because friends had it and I wanted to keep in touch with them. I loathed it from the starting gate and I loathe it now. It’s time has come and gone and users are getting really tired of MySpace moving in, making millions of dollars and then shoving further development in the trash can. They never upgrade or really improve anything worth mentioning.

    MySpace is a corporate hog that thrives on partnerships with companies that have questionable ethics, like HP. Nobody cares about an HP 3D cube or some print button.

  • stampy

    There have been many self help domain sites that covered your personal nit fits over the years. We just seem to balance out what we like most and that is called ..”drum roll, please”………convenience. Yes we as consumers all count on free convenience from those big corporate monkeys that don’t listen to us. Aww…bwahh haaa..! You should know haw this works if you have seen so much of it people. The first is is always or most likely to be the first ro get hit. Myspace has made a very clear path for Facebook users to argue over. The same way Apple and MIcrosoft have had differences in the past. Well, in any day and age there must be problems, without these we would be nothing. Hard to believe, still the ever ending fights and debates of controversy will be overcome and won by what we consider the best of an argument. When someone fights for your rights, what do you do? When someone makes it easy for you to receive the truth, what do you say? To top it all off, if someone takes all of this away from you, what do you think and feel? These are the basic questions that are battled over day in and day out. The struggle for freedom that we endure will live on, and will not be left alone without a fight.

    • web

      I use my myspace for my band and most of its promoting capabilities aas well as the calendar.

    • web

      I use my myspace for my band and most of its promoting capabilities aas well as the calendar.

  • Cheap Removals London

    Agree with the design comments, MySpace is a mess and is the main reason i never signed up. They’ve had years to sort it out but have done nothing. Complacency from them gains no sympathy from me!

    Having said that i wouldn’t be suprised if Facebook becomes MySpace when the next big thing comes in a couple of years…

    • Guest

      I agree that if something else comes along it could surpass Facebook. The reason I agree is that Facebook is still lacking important features. I don’t feel like I have all the control that I want to filter what I see. Also, the interface is not good looking. The fact that pictures have recently been rounded is an indication the folks at FB know this. It looks much better than MySpace, but not good enough.

    • tony

      I can see what you see but I can tell you this that my space is lot easier to use then some other sites, I have been on one that every time I post something it scramble the sentence, I have taking it down three four times then finally gave up I did not care how it looks and left it at that, so why you hated I do not know but it is your privilege to like or dislike.

  • Derik “Money Merge Account” Tutt

    I hope Tom saved some of that money he was making…

  • Guest

    Don’t really like Facebook much, but it’s because the music stuff doesn’t work, they hook up you Reverb Nation account for the msuician/band stuff and reverb Nation is horrible. I use my myspace for my band and most of its promoting capabilities aas well as the calendar. I’ve got my own website calendar tied into myspace, can’t do that with Facebook or Reverb Nation.

    I use Facebook for finding my old friends and communicating, but for a music page it sucks bigtime.

    I like Myspace a lot better, maybe because I’m an old man looking for groupies, but probably becuase I have a band and that’s what I’m interested in

  • Stanishev

    I don’t agree with this. Being on both sides, I simply deleted my facebook account. Why?

    – for a simple week I got offered to be friend with people I’ve never seen or heard of in my life (my friend’s friend had a friend, who has a friend who wants to be friends… damn!)

    – I cannot really ‘upgrade’ my profile as all I can add is stupid 1st grade ‘games’ and slight information on my likes… how can you really be a fan of spaghetti?!

    – the reason I hate facebook came in the end, when I decided to delete my profile… they asked me what’s the reason of leaving, wouldn’t I miss the site, stated arguments as if someone would miss me since I won’t log on anymore… Is signing off facebook equal to dying?

    All those paranoic freaks just freak me out… I don’t believe I would ever register at facebook again…

  • Dawn

    I hate myspace. I only got it because I had family & friends that I wanted to keep track of that have private profiles. I have tried to cancel the account and can’t. To cancel they send an e-mail. My e-mail has changed, so when I tried to change it to the new e-mail they said they have to confirm with old e-mail (the one I no longer have access to) So, can’t access old e-mail means can’t update to new e-mail, means cancellation goes to, you guessed it, old e-mail. Have sent in help ticket & was told they will get back to me using my official e-mail…That of course would be the OLD e-mail I am writing of in the first place! Insane…

    • Guest

      You could always ask myspace for a rerquest to change your email. Good luck though…it took me like 7 trys just to get the a-holes to respond!

  • Guest

    I hope you could read this article translated

    MySpace is one of the worses webpages I have ever seen

  • Baby Pushchairs

    For some reason it seems everyone is on Facebook these days. Evidence is everywhere that MySpace is losing the battle. In comparison, the whole of MySpace interface feels a lot more inferior. It is lacking that creativity and fun elements that are making facebook so successful and obsessive to many.

    • Guest

      eh, I didnt like cluttered pages, I just want a site to communicate on, not throw 500 different little icons and images onto a page.

  • BPO

    Its hard to image a company like my space going under. Its does need to evolve as the youngers grow up or else facebook will be king.

  • Hotel Consultants

    Myspace has already been toasted way back. Now they’re waiting for somebody to carry their corpse out.

  • Ent Services

    Myspace is a big goner. Kind of disappointed they lost their edge.

  • Neck Pain

    What a goner. It’s amazing MySpace lasted so long.

  • Luxury Bali Villas

    My gut feel is that Myspace will still grow but at a lower pace. They will probably have lesser frequency of visits from their existing customer base.

  • SEO Singapore

    Myspace is so down the drain. None of my friends talk about them these days. In fact, you’re like so backward if you’re still using mySpace.

    • bob

      dude youre like so totally awesome and rad cant wait to see reruns f punky brewster chill out ya!

  • Garment Racks

    I would give up hope on MySpace yet. I believe they are still leading in terms of users.

  • Home Options Trading

    I wouldn’t say they are toasted. I would just say they failed to capitalize on their lead position when they were the market leader.

  • C. Neumann

    In 2005 I compaired the two. True, MySpace is a mecca for banner advertising, but it’s FREE, remember?

    Facebook, on the other hand demands much more private information from their subscribers, and many think its wonderful for keeping up with friends and relatives without all the flashing advertisements.

    It’s also anything but private. Remember when the police warned you about having your pictures developed at the local drug store in the days of chemical film, where anyone could sort through the pictures, and take them to the check out stand and buy them, without anyone really checking if they were yours?

    Facebook is like that. Log on with your homemade fake ID, and you can few anyone’s profile – their friends, their interests, their home, their pets.

    Many claim: “I don’t care – I have nothing to hide!”


    Would you like you employer to know you belong to the AA, or you are in a cross-dressing club – especially if your colleagues are homo-phobes?

    What about letting the rest of the world know when you are going on holiday/vacation and your home will not be watched? Is it all right for every potential burglar in your local area to know that?

    Or how much mischief could some fraudulant person who happen to see your photo your friends took of a blurry-eyed you in front of your bank at the ATM at 2 am?

    How about potential stalkers how see a picture of your motor vehicle and see the license plate number, and find out where you live?

    MySpace doesn’t demand that you use your real name and encourage you to use your real photograph as avatar, so you have at least a bit of anonimity if you feel more comforable with it.

    Not everybody on MySpace who hides anonymously behind an amusing screen name is a balding pensioner/retired dirty old man lusting after teenage girls. Most are people who wish to remain anonymous just don’t want to pull down their trousers in public on a presentation platter with the name of Google.

  • Jack

    To the very first comment on this: I agree with most of your premise, especially the example about telling people when you’re on vacation. I had never thought of that before.

    But there are so many features on Facebook that allow users to conceal sensitive information or potentially provoking material.

    Anyways, my take on Myspace vs. Facebook is the same as most others here. The custom pages on MySpace were so cool when it first came out, but now they are a burden. Whether you’re trying to read a paragraph that keeps getting pushed down as pictures above it load, changing your underwear because you didn’t realize your speakers were turned all the way up when you visited your Metallica-loving buddy’s site, or highlighting all the text because some fool doesn’t realize certain colors can’t be read above certain backdrops, MySpace begins to look like a chore compared to Facebook’s easily accessible format.

    MySpace may not have been the first social networking site, but it was the first mainstream one. For that reason, I always believed it’d die, just like the AOL comparison in the blog.

    Like AOL, when MySpace first came out, it had an intimate aspect to it; not everyone had it. I remember asking people if they had a screen name in the 90’s and being so excited when they did. MySpace was dominated by kids who were into any genre under the Rock ‘n’ Roll umbrella six years ago(or kids who were just doing as their friends did).

    I think what really lit the gunpowder to rocket MySpace into the mainstream was the addition of band profiles. Like when I felt disappointed because someone didn’t have AOL, I was disappointed when someone didn’t have a MySpace. I had learned my lesson with AOL. When MySpace started exploding, the writing was on the wall. Now everyone’s got it. Yay. Good for you.

    And, of course, people started realizing that they were the only ones who really cared about what their site looked like.

  • Dave

    I believe the success of facebook is the fact that it’s DUMBED DOWN like the majority. Gripes about customization being a problem isn’t myspace’s fault it’s the dumb people with poor design skills, or the gimmee-gimmee factor of putting every app on one’s page. That being said, myspace has troubles as well, when they try to control content, and the whole stupid Tom BS. Facebook is just the next bandwagon for the mindless herd to moooooo on.

  • Gueagst

    I don’t think it’s an issue of “coolness” at all. It’s an issue of the right kind of functionality.

    MySpace is Spamspace / Promotionspace. It’s overloaded with bands and filmmakers and clubs trying to force themselves on you.

    Facebook is successful because it’s difficult to penetrate for spammers/self-promoters/marketers, and keeps you in the right level of contact with real people you know.

    Twitter is successful because it’s just enough information.

    It’s all ego-stroking, but at least Facebook has real value and keeps annoying promoters at bay.

    (EXCEPTION: Facebook still enables people to add you as a “member” to an event so “friends” can spam you that way. The easy fix is to delete the friend. But if Facebook doesn’t get wise about these loopholes, they will find themselves in the same bucket as Spamspace / MySpace.)

  • agency collection

    My space has been around for a long time, I think many people still use it and go there

  • Guest

    i love myspace i think myspace shouldnt even be off the internet i think myspace is so bettera nd SAFER than facebook…MYSPACE ALL THE WAY 😉

  • Guest

    The thing that is cool about MySpace is that Indie Artists can showcase their music.

    Thats the only reason why i was there at all.

    FaceBook is boring, now way to customize our profile page, no way to showcase our music.

    I guess people dont give a shit about Indie music these days.

  • Collection

    I dont know If I would say myspace is in the bucket, its been around for a long time now. Like all site, updated information and new ideas keep it going

  • Guest

    I think if you consider the uses for Myspace vs. Facebook, you’ll find that My Space is a better platform for musicians and artists, while Facebook is better for average joe housewife.

  • Guest

    I can observe many times going to Myspace and finding young adults surfing and doodling with their page. When I go to Facebook it’s about communication and purpose. Granted Facebook has many more games that attract young adults but, my space was more popular with kids maybe 6-12 that just want to get online and talk to friends with a cool “Page”. I think that’s why the “Hits” are so constant. I know I was very unhappy with Myspace experience but, it’s just not a platform I was able to use effectively.

  • Sarah

    Seriously, even when I was a teenager, I don’t find MySpace appealing. Between MySpace and Friendster, I chose Friendster. Between Friendster and Facebook, I choose Facebook. Now saying goodbye to Friendster although I realise that Friendster is trying to revamp its website (to try to keep people from moving to Facebook?). Therefore, MySpace is never really any part of my life at any stage at all!

  • Curt Bizelli

    Hi y’all, I’m an internet marketer and PR exec. I’m keeping up on the trends and with this being an old article; now I see a site called PeopleString entering the picture BIG TIME within the next couple of years! Its a paying site. You can visit my entered website information or contact me for more on the social network/venture. I’m not about to spam! Not my style! But I do recommend you check it out. Aside from THAT, Twitter is definitely the presence at the moment and FB is its “sidekick” … Let’s see what happens in 2010. – Curt

  • Douglas

    I started my own Myspace profile about 5 years ago and my current profile is just about ready to be mothballed! The only positive thing about Myspace is the Music media on the site, otherwise Myspace is indeed the once-great but decayed “strip mall in a sleazy part of town.”

    They have recently:

    1) Eliminated CSS Customization on the new Beta 3.0 profile configuration (with no notice on the 3.0 “Upgrade” page.)

    2) On the new 3.0 profile configuration there is a obnoxiously large advertisement that’s essentially “In Your Face” on the right side of the profile right in the middle of it, and there’s no ad configuration options. Another thing that irritates me about the large ad is most of the advertisements placed there are of very childish sites or goods, and it winds up making my own profile look childish and crappy as a result.

    There is a Advertisement Content option that you can specify types of advertisements you want to appear over others, but it doesn’t seem to work with that one large ad. If the large ad contained ads that I noted as being preferred (hotels, travel, electronics etc.) it wouldn’t of been as revolting.

    3) Myspace has also supposedly decided to concentrate on their younger user base making the site’s features more teen friendly, driving more older users away than could of happened otherwise.

    Myspace wonders why they are losing the battle to Facebook?