MySpace Introduces New Music Features

    October 22, 2009

MySpace is making a big push to reposition itself in the social networking space by introducing a number of new music offerings.

The social network has rolled out what it calls a new comprehensive MySpace Music Video experience, a MySpace Artist Dashboard, and the ability for users to now purchase music on iTunes.

"Artist Dashboard and Music Videos are an important step forward in our mission to define the future of how content is socialized on the Web," said Owen Van Natta, CEO of MySpace.

"We’ll continue to build publishing tools, social tools and bring more content onto the MySpace platform to help us achieve our goal of being an important content distribution platform."

Highlights of MySpace Music Videos includes:

MySpace Music Artist Dashboard

  • New music video hub within MySpace
  • Music video recommendations based on what your friends are watching
  • An A-Z browsers to search for videos and a video player link to buy music

The new MySpace Artist Dashboard allows bands and artists to track their popularity on the social networking site.

Features of the MySpace Artist Dashboard includes:

  • Access to charts, graphs, and snapshots of data for all global artists
  • Data includes fan geography, song plays, profile views, friend count, and profile visitors

"Whether you’re a small town garage band, an emerging Indie, or a well-established act, our ultimate goal is to provide the right mix of tools and real time data to help you gain a deep understanding of who your fans are and how best to reach them," said Courtney Holt, President of MySpace Music.