MySpace Dominates Top Search Terms

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You know, maybe Google’s too ambitious with this index-the-world’s-information thing. Judging from the most popular searches, they really only need to focus on boobs, pop culture and cute stuff.

It’s still quite astounding to me that so many people haven’t grasped this URL bar thing. My stepson does the same, typing in whatever it is into Google – even if he knows the Web address. He thinks it’s faster somehow.

Of course, it does eliminate the need to know how to spell something exactly.

But I still just don’t get searching for Google.com, or MySpace.com.

Over at Search Engine Guide, they’ve put together two exhaustive lists of the top search terms across search engines – 300 of the past week and 200 of the past 90 days. If you’re expecting a sophisticated Internet populace, get used to disappointment.

On both lists, you’ll find familiar names in the top five: MySpace, Google, Yahoo, MySpace again, and eBay. MySpace shows up in one form or another seven times on the short-term list (places 1, 4, 48, 80, 88, 223, and 224), and six times on the long-term list (1, 5, 40, 45, 48, and 147).

Something tells me that $580 million was worth it, Rupert.

Back in my day, when the Web was first coming around (I’m only 30, mind you), searching for "girls" was way higher than 13 on the priority list.

More signs of the times: No. 23 was "gas boycott," which is followed by "scooter mileage" (27), and by "Kelly Blue Book" (252) as SUV owners rush to trade-in.

Jenna Jameson (29) still has yet to be unseated, but Jessica Alba (37) is working on it as Britney and Pamela slip on down the search road (59 and 61). Poor Christina Aguilera may have to do something drastic (I don’t know, like pose for Playboy finally) if she wants to get out of 295th place.

More people are searching for Wicked Weasel than for her.

At least they’ve got some good taste in music and animals. Tenacious D (261) and Panic at the Disco (269) are a couple of nice ones to see on the public’s mind. And dogs, of course, are way better than cats – both "dogs" (21) and "dog" (54) were search for way more than stupid ol’ cats (174).

But perhaps the funniest juxtaposition is number 296 "prom hairstyles" coming right before number 297 "herpes."

Daddies, keep a close eye on your daughters. The wolves they be a-circlin’, sniffin’ around your door.  

MySpace Dominates Top Search Terms
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