MySpace: a place to plan a hit

    September 15, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A 22-year-old Arizona woman is facing conspiracy to commit murder charges after trying to hire a hit man to kill her boyfriend’s new lover. The information she provided the undercover police officer was taken from her boyfriend’s MySpace page.

MySpace: A Place To Plan A Hit
Perhaps Her Friend Request Was Denied…

Jealous that her “boyfriend” had moved in with another girl (which technically makes him not her boyfriend anymore), Heather Kane met with an undercover officer in a grocery store parking lot to discuss the girl’s demise.

According to the report, she offered the officer $500 up front and $500 when he completed the job. She could only come up with $400 at that moment and promised him the other $100 on payday.

The two decided that shooting the woman in the head was the method to be used and Kane said she wanted a photo of the body to prove the job had been done.

The picture she provided came from her (ex)boyfriend’s MySpace page. She also provided his picture with the instructions that he was not to be harmed – just the girl. According to another report, “she showed no emotion.”

Stating the obvious, the officer is quoted in the Register as saying “the incident demonstrated the dangers of having so much personal information publicly available.”

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