MyLiveSearch Buzz Builds – To Annoying Levels?

    May 30, 2007

A statement at the MyLiveSearch site says, “…..and they thought it couldn’t be done!”  I’m not sure who “they” are,” what “it” is, and I have to point out that MyLiveSearch hasn’t “done” much of anything – the search engine has yet to launch – but this may all be a reference to beating Google.

Rob Gabriel, MyLiveSearch’s founder, discussed his project with fellow Aussie Nick Miller.  “This has the potential to change the way people search the internet,” Gabriel claimed.  “Google can’t search every page every day (to build its index).  The web is so dynamic and changes so often – MyLiveSearch turns your own computer into a ‘super-spider’ to search it in real time.”

Gabriel then made a (potentially) revealing comment: “This technology could be snapped onto any of the major search engines and improve them.”

A number of onlookers have bristled at MyLiveSearch’s bravado.  Download Squad’s Peter White writes, “Maybe this is needless skepticism, but it just comes off like the tiny kid in high school who’s so insecure about his size and ability that he makes things up to make himself feel more important.”

But Google has made a head-turning comment of its own, saying, “We’re really keen to support Australian developers and IT entrepreneurs.  Google Maps was a small Aussie start-up.  And Google itself started as two guys in a garage.”

Is that a “keep your chin up” message for a bunch of beginners, or a coded “we want to buy you” signal for a company with real promise?  I’m not sure, and others seem conflicted on the issue of MyLiveSearch’s potential.  Let’s just say that this search engine could be one to watch.