My First Commission Check!

    August 20, 2003

Finally! — I have researched Internet Marketing for six months. I have analyzed everything that has come down the CyberSpace Turkpike. Some are zippy little sports cars which zip on by in a flash — never to be seen again. Some are expensive gas-guzzlers that meander down the road. Some are Mac Trucks filled with lots of products. And…I’m still on my bicycle…

Conservative I-Marketing realists who are making it have told me it takes about six months to realize the first result from my efforts. They are right!

So — where am I right now? Feeling pretty good! — I got my first commission check! Now what? Keep doing what I’ve been doing for the past six months? Nooooo….!

During that time I researched everything. I was paying my dues! That was Phase 1. Now I’m going into Phase 2 — editing out what has little use to me…defining and focusing more on my niche market —

You Who Want To Earn Your Living Online.

My April issue of “CyberSpaceMarketeer!” ( ) was late because I had to “bite the bullet” and change hosts. My former one was excellent but had become uncompetitive. My new one is half the price and provides over five times the value. It also provides all the benefits and services needed for I-Marketing. I won’t go into preferences used to choose this one over several others offering similar value. I had a rather medium learning curve with our new host when I moved our first site over ( ). Now it’s done…with a few tweaks before we add such things as sequential auto-responders and opt-in mailing list.

( ) was moved over 12 April and took 24-72 hours to propagate to our new host’s servers. Then more add-ons per above. Here comes that learning curve again.

So…what has happened to date is a lot of research for six months deciding what we need and how to proceed. Then…we had to change hosts. Now we have to add AutoResponders and Opt-in Mailing list. AFTER that is all in place we can advertise more heavily.

I have been maintaining our mailing list in Paradox, exporting it to WordPerfect, MailMerging to Pegasus and mailing it out through an ISP. I have learned much doing all this over the years. This operation must be automated! I will try to stay as personal with you as in the past — I like corresponding with you on a more personal basis. Email me when you want to chat or toss around some ideas.

Oh, yeah! My First Commission Check came from ( ). New Technological Breakthrough, lets YOU take control over your Search Engine Rankings For the First Time Ever and will Drive Massive Targeted Traffic To Your Websites! Check it out.

Robert Leggett has over 10 years experience marketing the scuba industry over the Internet. His focus has changed. Robert works with individuals and business owners all over the world. He helps them succeed in business and achieve financial independence. Visit him at – Subscribe to his “Free for Life” newsletter – “CyberSpaceMarketeer” – Receive your Free eBook.