Muslim Letter To Santa: Girl Just Wants To Say Thanks

By: Amanda Crum - December 14, 2012

A letter to Santa which was posted to Reddit recently has gone viral, and not because the writer is asking for something outlandish; rather, because she just wants to ask a question and give thanks for all the joy the fictional gift-giver brings to the world.

The kicker is, she doesn’t even celebrate Christmas.

The person who posted the photo said it was written by a student in her mother’s 4th grade class, which is drawing lots of criticism and controversy on the site from those who disagree with a blanket assignment in public school that doesn’t allow for kids with different beliefs to decline to participate. However, it’s not clear if it is indeed from a public school or what the circumstances were…and at any rate, the little girl who wrote it seems to have found a clever–and kind–way around it.


Amanda Crum

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  • Kent J

    Dear young lady,
    THere is no Santa. There is also no prophet Mohammed. He was a pedophile and a murderer. Which fantasy helps….

    Name one good thing about Islam and how it treats its enemies. Then explore how many christian organizations out there FEED MUSLIMS!!!!

    Islam is a lying puke of a ‘religion’. The true war on WOmen resides there.
    Have a nice day

    • Delaney

      That is ridiculous. That is a little girl IN THE 4th GRADE!! Calm down. Every religion has the right to believe in whom ever they please. Now please take your unwanted, racist comments else where, ya?

      • http://webpronews Wendy Shell

        Lighten up dude! show this child love, she’d be blown away by your “facts”. You are rude and insensitive. She is too young to comprehend what you are saying! BE nice and pray for the Muslim people, that God would reveal His true nature of love to them!

        • Demah

          Muslims are not heathens Wendy Shell!

          We’ll make sure we pray for all of US. God knows we all are far from perfect.

      • http://facebook cindy

        Damn Delaney; This little girl doesn’t need to be bashed by an “adult”with a racist comment, you are an ass! Go pick on someone else who might kick you racist a##. Merry Christmas You Dumb Fool

      • Robert

        While Kent’s comments were significantly uncalled for – I wanted to point out that nothing he said was “racist”. He attacked the girl’s religion. Muslim is not a “race”. It’s important to stop calling all negative comments in this world as “racism”. That’s become a buzz word to get too much attention for everything. If you make derogatory comments to jews – that’s not racism either – it’s call anti-semitic – because it’s a religion – not a race. I don’t what you’d call muslim bashing if there’s a word for it. Just as insulting people from Cuba, or Russia, or China; these would not be racist either. There is not a “cuban” or “russian” or “Chinese” race.

    • KryptoniteBalls

      That’s the Christmas spirit!

    • Mrman

      This is the foolishest thing you can write here. This article is not about hate. you should have just put away the prejudice for someday.

    • BC

      Kent J
      That was unecessary. You are an @$$ hole. Merry Christmas

    • Charlie

      Disgusting attitude.

      Thank God there are many who respect all believers in a diety regardless of how he (she?) is perceived and honored.There are Christians and Muslims who live honorable lives and there are those with the attitude you have.

    • Sanya

      You my friend need to shut up, sit down and get your facts straight before bombarding anyone with your useless sense of so called “knowledge”

    • Rian M

      Dear Kent J.,
      Don’t bash other religion if you only know what the media portray to the world. Talk to the Muslims, read the Quran, and do your on research in the real American Muslims, not those who do astray to the world. Judging other religion based on bias is easy, to get to know the religion and the people is difficult. Prophet Muhammad is the last Messenger of God. If Muslims believe in all 25 Prophethood including Adam, David, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad, what makes you think that this religion is lying puke of a religion. Islam is perfect, but muslims aren’t. We also do charity for other faiths with the exception is that muslims don’t advertise to other people. Why? Because it’s coming from the heart and we don’t expect any applaud from other people. May God have mercy on us.

      • TERESA

        very well said, sir!!

      • ANTONIO

        which page and which virsus from the Quran you want Kent to read,tell him how islam treats the women,tell him how your god allows you to marry as many as you want as ling you keep the max four,tell him what the Quran said about jews and christians,do not tell him we believe in jusus ” THIS IS BIG LIE” it is a “pious”if the muslims believe in jesus
        they would respect them and not treat them unhumanley,mistreat them killing them and destroy their churches,tell you muslim people to stop attacking us day and night for no reason,I have no problem with you and other for being muslim ,keep your faith but do not bother the way i would like to ask you a question, why for God sake all the arab and muslim contry wrote the following on all their aid support trailers to Iraq ” humanterian aid from the people of !!!! to our muslims brother in Iraq?what about other relegion ????????? have you ever heard red cross stated that they will help the christian of turky or indinosia ….etc only pleaaaassssseeeee give me a break.

    • Geno

      Really, Kent? Attacking this little girl’s religion is how you chose to comment on this inspiring article? Sad, very sad. The Grinch probably has loves you.

    • disgusted

      Kent J, do you really need to spread hatred? DISGUSTING!

    • Jamie

      You have been watching too much media, Islam is just like any other faith, peace,one God and beleives in Jesus, Moses, Virgin Mary and Ebrahim. Please check your facts and leave your ignorant views under the rock where you live.

    • t cope

      Dear Kent J…there are many assholes in this world…LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

    • drEXMx,,

      so sweet of u, i think u know very much about religions and Muslim.. ALLAH bless U!

    • SIR

      Dear kent j,

      youre wrong, there IS a Santa, and he’s everything youre not,- kind, warmhearted, generous, and not only does he feed muslims, buddhists, communists, atheists, socialists, and even bigoted so-called lying puke of a christian like you who conveniently forget the millions that have been slain in God’s name, like during the crusades.

      you are no different of an ASS than the people youre bitchin about. Look in the mirror “kent j” and see the real face of part of the problem.

    • Terry

      Back to the hole with the varmints you live with Kent J….

    • Javeria


  • http://yahoo Clinton

    Absolutely wonderful!! Innocence is beautiful! Children should remain children as long as they possibly can. Childhood innocence will always transend religion.

    • drEXMx,,

      its very nice of u liking and appreciating little girl but u have to realize that too that she and her parents are also muslim.. u cant say bad to all.. ALLAH bless U!

      • Anonymous

        I fail to see what “but u have to realize that too that she and her parents are also muslim.. u cant say bad to all.” has to do with the post you’re replying to.

    • tasimp

      I agree. It’s sad when people take news like this and blow it out of proportion. Its just a letter to Santa Claus from a child.

  • nick

    she better be careful or she’ll be shot by the muslims.

    • Anonymous

      What an ignorant thing to say!! Go educate yourself and stop believing EVERYTHING media says to be true.

      • teri

        @Anonymous I agree that nicks statement is ugly, but unfortunately it does happen. I think that’s part of the audacity that shocks so many westerners about Muslims. I just read about another muslim girl killed by her father IN THE USA. So nicks statement is not ignorant.

        • Marie

          Yes it does happen and American Christian parents kill there children too. They lock them in cages, beat them, and sexually assault them. It’s not just a Muslim thing every race and religion have evil ppl.

    • drEXMx,,

      she and her parents are muslim!

  • Karen

    Regardless of “religeon” people are human. I grew up in a Muslim, Hindu and Christian society and I do not see the issue. Please need more exposure to life to understand that we are all from the same mother with different fathers. Love is much more important.

    • David Silver

      The issue is that when christmas was legalized as a holiday most people in America were christians now America has a major muslim and hindu and even other religous demographic and it is time to change things. christmas needs to be removed from being a federal holiday at the minimum.

      • Brian

        regardless of having different religions here in the united stated, The Catholic religions have been here since we were founded. We celebrate the fact jewish, muslims, hindu, pagans can all practice there individual religions. But take the founding religion out of this country because it doesnt fit the non majority is wrong.

      • steve

        Who put the anti christmas bug up your rear end? The more you post the more stupid you sound.

  • Angela

    Now that she asked the question, who’s going to tell her the truth?

  • Melissa

    Luckily this girl even has the opportunity to write something like this! Aren’t muslim women not allowed to do anything? Go to school, vote, have respect?

    • drEXMx,,

      please get knowledge about islam, good and bad ppls are all over globe! not in one religion

    • Demah

      Melissa, Way to ruin a heart-warming story. thanks for being a debby downer. FYI, in 90% of muslim countries around the world. Girls/women have the opportunities to attend school, work and vote. So please stop. you sound dumb.

      Happy Holidays!

    • Amr

      Hi Melissa, this is not right Muslim women has many rights, they go to school, they vote and they should be more respected, please read more about anything before spreading rumors:

    • Jasmin

      Are you seriously that ignorant? You are the reason why people are losing faith in humanity. Please get educated.

    • David Silver

      No wonder Muslims kill christians and persecute them in the Middle East, people that celebrate christmas are stupid and need to be punished. I was thinking back to Jon Stewart and he makes more sense than any stupid republican and why do we even have christmas as a federal holiday still in America? America has changed and it is time to get rid of these stupid christian holidays.

      • James Smith


      • Jamie

        Wow David Silver, you are one hate filled dirt bag.

      • steve

        You sound just like a jerkoff liberal who has no clue about anything. We need to get rid of idiots like you.

      • julie

        you mean religious people should be punished for their beieves? you are very ignorant if that is how you feel and you should be the one that ‘s punished

    • Terry

      There are 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, and in some very extemist
      cultures that are Muslim like Saudi Arabians and Afghanis there
      are restrictions on some aspects of a woman’s life, but by and large Muslim woman in over 53 Muslim countries and the rest of the
      world are getting an education, voting (as in Arab Spring nations)and have the respect enough to be the leaders of Bangladesh
      and formerly Pakistan. So, please educate yourself before making
      dumb comments.

    • Leona Burdett

      I think you are thinking all Muslim women are living in a tent on a sand dune.But you really need to update your knowlege. Some poor women live in primitve and backwards conditions in the world,and some are Muslim.But most of us in the USA have university degrees because we have very good Islamic schools in the USA.And we help our poor if we are good Muslims.Of course there are those who follow pre Islamic customs and do bad things.But that happens in all religions all over the world and even in the USA.People can be bad.And most people are good and want good to happen to others.But unfortunately there are groups who use misinformation and lies about other religions and cultures.keeping the animosity between peoples is in some groups advantage.The internet is a great place for information.But you have to learn to discerne what sites are reliable and keep checking reliability.Don’t get sucked into believing whatever is printed.Be against any kind of fanaticism or close mindedness either.We need to care about eachother too.Hate and mistrust can turn very ugly.Respect others beliefs doesn’t take away your own.peace is best!

  • Rhett

    Christmas isnt even part of the christian religion, it never was and is a pagan old holiday….get over yourself your wrong kent..

  • trailblazer6791

    Kids are not born of this world to know hate they are taught it buy us

  • teri

    This 4th grader is so sweet, my daughter is in the same grade and I’d be honored for her to have friends like this lovely girl. Bless her heart.

  • drEXMx,,

    Appreciating Young lady for a good deed but unfortunately we always looks into darker side of things, this a forum to appreciate young lady but we all can see there are some extremest too. we good and bad ppls all over and taking 1 fingure on others made rest of figures to urself.. stop criticizing and debate to scholars if have any problems.. ALLAH bless U all! love Ya All..

    Muslim <—–

    • Letty

      That’s adorable of that little girl to write that letter.She’s an innocent girl.Why do grown ups have to make everything UGLY?Don’t you people have a life?Mind your own bussiness and let everyone else live their lives however they want! FRUSTRATED PEOPLE!!!!!

  • AK

    Why is this news? Children of all belief systems have been writing these type of letters and fulfilling school assignments for over 30 years.

    I’ll never forget my freshman year of high school when we were forced to study Psalms. As a Hindu, I simply couldn’t connect, so they allowed me to altered the assignment towards my religion. I’m sure it was a very eye opening experience for my peers.

  • isaac

    This is fake.

  • http://yahoo jake

    That is a man’s hand writing, it is fake. yes I am an expert.

    • guest

      shut up. stop trolling.

  • Julie

    Instead of taking away the Christian holidays, why not add the other religious holidays to days off? That way everyone can partake in the holidays!!

  • Levin Cheiney

    This is a fabricated letter! No Muslim or Jewish child will write such a letter. They already know that other children are lied to about Santa and Xmas. Muslim and Jewish children are well informed and are smarter than that.

    • AK

      It’s a school assignment, it has nothing to do with belief. She’s just trying to pass the assignment.

      • Dom

        Not you AK…Levin the idiot with his words of wisdom

    • Dom


      • Nessa


  • Nikolaevna

    OH MY tis the christmas season and just browsing through the comments because it’s my favorite part on any article (who knows when you could learn something right)? I see a very hate angry filled world full of bashing one another I guess it just goes to show how PC are world is really becoming SMH Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • Tabius

    For you who are screaming this is fake cause of the handwriting. Your dumb. Just cause you stayed at the Holiday Inn, it doesnt make you a expert…Lol Now why would someone fake a letter to santa when in Islam, we do no celebrate pagon holidays?

  • Nikolaevna

    I would just like to add that if this is how most of ya’lls act in real life I would ask that God not allow the younger generation to follow this example.

  • Mark

    Its not whether Muslims or honorable, as one Muslim said he beleived in Jesus as a Prophet. When in fact Christ was God who came to earth in human form and died for our sins.

  • Sharon P

    I think this is great for someone to just pass on thanks without any political or religious prejudice!

  • Javeria

    This is written by a kid for Gods sake stop making out bad meaning of whatsoever is happening.

  • Ding

    Do ya’ll know the saying “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. This would be a better place to live if all negative thoughts were kept silent.

  • Vansie

    How do we know she was Muslim? I did not see that in the letter. I wonder if she could have belonged to some other denomination. Several protestant religions do not celebrate Christmas.

  • John a Catholic’s view

    Dear Kent J and those who think like him.
    reread the letter the only thing it has in common with religion is that Santa Claus choose’s Christmas Day to spread happiness around the world, and she wants him to acknowledge the fact that she appreciates his efforts, even though she does not participate in the celebration. Comming from a fourth grader, I would say she is smarter than the rest of us.
    As far as Christmas Day being a religous celelebration it is for all who choose to be Christians,along with Easter.
    The only negative issue about this conversation is that Christmas seems to be the only religious holiday that has been scrutinized because it is a christian holiday and in order for the world economy to keep going it has become to commercialized so that is is reconized as the Holiday Season so all can participate.
    So for me I will wish all that read this,

  • Sharon Pesh

    Has any one seen the latest child killings? Everything else is moot right now. These babies were only 5 years old. 20 of them will not have ANY kind of Christmas, nor will any of thier relatives.

  • hanin

    Yes I’m Muslim and for all you who think can judge of Islam, Christianity, & etc. you have got the wrong idea yes we don’t celebrate Christmas and there are many other religions that don’t celebrate it also but it doesn’t mean you may crisis. By the way even though i don’t celebrate it i just join in the spirit, & donate money at every Christmas bucket and if you really think of Christmas with all the gifts and lights that way it’s for the kids. The religion part is still included throughout it but we mustn’t judge of each other we shall just way till D.O.J for ourselves to be judged by god.