Murder In Outer Banks Leads To Boyfriend’s Arrest

    August 16, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Murder in Outer Banks, North Carolina eventually led to the arrest of 27-year old Nathan Summerfield of Ohio. He was surprised by police at a motel yesterday morning and taken into custody for the death of his 33-year old girlfriend, Lynn Jackenheimer.

Jackenheimer was vacationing in the Outer Banks area with her children around the July 4th holiday when she disappeared; her body was later found in a vacant lot about twenty miles away. She had been strangled and stabbed. Summerfield allegedly confessed to his brother that he’d strangled her, which led to his brother going to authorities. They have been looking for him ever since, but Summerfield has been on the run after dropping Jackenheimer’s children off at their home in Ashland, Ohio.

“We had sightings of this individual all over the country,” U.S. Marshall Peter Elliot said.

Summerfield will be extradited back to North Carolina to face the murder charges.


  • hard

    At least he had the decency to not harm the children physically. Emotionally they will be destroyed.

    • Henry

      He should have just killed himself!

      • Evan

        Glad he didn’t, now he can be punished and have to face the family of his victim. Dont like the financial burden though…

  • Evan

    I guess he felt a level of fatherhood to the children? Out of character for a man who brutally murders his girlfriend and leaves her to rot. I wonder if he told his brother as a braggart or if he felt guilty. Glad this psycho is in custody, will be interesting to hear the mitigating circumstance of him bringing the children home..probably too many aggravating circumstances to make it worth anything

  • Philip

    Wow, a pretty woman, her children and the animal that ended it. The father seems like someone who didn’t take much of a part in their lives and if he did or does now (the murderer isn’t the father is he?) … Wow. Same old Sh*t, different color…

  • Robert

    It is also time for David Cram and Michael Rossi to pay for their mass murders 30 years ago. It’s coming I hope.

  • http://www.sean-hill.net Sean

    Sadly this is only the beginning of what’s to come. The more our country becomes perverted the worst is yet to come!

  • Jam91nissan

    Shouldn’t be a surprise….we’ve been warned…..2 Tim. 3:1-5.

  • stingr

    L O S E R please do everynoe a favor and die, so that the needy bacteria of the world can feed on your wasted gift.

  • Linda C

    This is what happens when God is taken out of schools and forgotten about in every day family living .America is for sale ,wake up people read between the lines .

  • whatismisophonia

    Ehhh… to linda and sean, people have done far worse than this all throughout human history, and the more atheistic societies in this world are currently the most peaceful. Look it up and stop parroting your preachers.