Mumford & Sons Are Offensive To Rock & Roll, According To Alice Cooper

By: Chris Crum - July 10, 2013

Fuse has apparently gotten Alice Cooper (of bitter old man on golf course fame) all worked up about what should be considered rock and roll these days. If you’re The Foo Fighters or Green Day, you’re cool in Alice’s book, but don’t let him catch you slapping the “Rock & Roll” label on Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers.

Watch him babble on for a two and a half minutes about what rock and roll is supposed to be and what it isn’t:

Don’t let the video title fool you though. He thinks the Lumineers and Mumford are great at what they do. It’s just not Alice’s rock and roll.

You know, like this:

Don’t question his authority on rock and roll. He is, after all, a “rock and roll vagabond.”

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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  • Rocky Raccoon

    Chris Crum is a moron. When he has accomplished even 1% of the success in creating great rock n roll as Alice Cooper, then maybe he might be qualified to comment. Until then, his comments are not only completely without merit, they are offensive and ignorant. Which is maybe his goal, because respect and rock history are obviously not his forte.

    • Chris Crum

      Really, Rocky?

    • Chris Crum

      If it makes you feel any better, I think Alice’s contributions to Jason Lives are better than anything Mumford or the Lumineers have done. Also, this.

    • slacker

      More like Alice POOPER, Amirite!>!>!>>>>???

    • Kess

      Chris is a kid, he has no idea who Alice Cooper truly is and what hes done, bands like him, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, etc, are just names from his parents (or maybe even grand parents) days.

      Chris, you could’ve only hoped and dreamed to have been alive experiencing all this great music as it was happening, all you have now is mumford and sons, beiber, ga-ga, whatever the latest demon screamin noise that is the latest fad… i feel sorry for you and this garbage they call “music” these days that you are growing up having to listen to.

      • Chris Crum

        Where were you when the monkey hit the fan? Thrill my gorilla.

  • Kess

    Cant expect some amateur blog to be able to comprehend the creative genius of someone like Alice Cooper and his ICONIC place in rock and roll history.

    But they’ll always be the armchair nobodies sitting around deriding TRUE greatness. Nobody will even know who these mumford guys are in 20 years, but Alice Cooper will remain the respected icon and pioneering genius in his field of music.