Multiply Removes Video, Image Limits

    May 25, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Members of the Multiply social networking platform will be able to post for free an unlimited number of photos or videos to their places on the site.

Features previously limited to paying customers on Multiply have been opened to all of the site’s members. One of those features, the removal of limits on video and image uploads, may serve to entice existing and new members to make more use of Multiply.

“Our goal is to provide people with a meaningful way to communicate and share media with those that are most important to them. By removing all limitations, we’re allowing our existing members to utilize Multiply to their fullest potential” says Peter Pezaris, President and Founder of Multiply. “Additionally, we will attract new users to whom unlimited photo and video uploading is a priority.”

With 2.4 million members, Multiply ranks as one of the smaller sites in the very big pond of social networking presences online. It does have a compelling factor in its favor, a technology implementation that we referred to as ‘discretion-based networking’ in an interview with Pezaris.

Given the proper information about users, Multiply can understand the relationships that exist between contacts in its network. We used the example of the wife of one man’s brother joining Multiply; upon learning of the matrimonial relationship, Multiply then knows she is the other man’s sister-in-law.

Now that family can dish out all of the multimedia content it can create to their place on Multiply. The company cited the growth of video sites like the hugely popular YouTube, Google Video, and AOL’s new UnCut Video that recently launched in beta as its reason for the change. Pezaris and company hope to capitalize on the popularity of video and boost usage and growth of the Multiply network.

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