Multiple Ad Placements Perform Well

    June 29, 2007

I saw an old episode of “Cheers” the other night; in it, a woman repeatedly sang her phone number to Frasier, and (much to Lilith’s dismay) Norm, Cliff, and Woody took up the tune.  Believe it or not, this does (sort of) relate to eBusiness – a new study found that “Multiple Online Ad Placements Impress.”

eMarketer tips its hat to the Atlas Institute after making this statement.  The organization “found that US consumers were more likely to convert after viewing ads on multiple Web sites, suggesting that conversions should be attributed to a full set of impressions and/or clicks, rather than just the single one that preceded the conversion.”

And those findings were pretty conclusive – “[n]ine in 10 consumers who converted were reached by placements other than the last ad seen,” according to the Institute.

Yet a bit of common sense may be necessary here.  After all, Lilith didn’t smile when the guys began singing – she lunged at them.  Similarly (again, sort of), eMarketer admits, “Of course, multiple placements are not right for every campaign, and they are not always easy to make.”

This next line is even less related to my “Cheers” analogy, but it’s still worth reading: “A June 2006 study by found that 79% of experienced online video ad buyers were very or somewhat concerned about sizing ads for multiple placements.”

Perhaps that speaks to the difficulty Frasier’s first wife might have had in composing her song.  In any event, it seems that multiple ad placements are well worth looking into.