Mullenweg Indicates Over 30 Percent Of Blogs Are Spam

    March 3, 2008

If you’re willing to trust Matt Mullenweg, and believe WordPress is fairly representative of blog platforms everywhere, then have we got a statistic for you: it seems that at least 30 percent of all blogs may be spam.

Mullenweg Indicates Over 30 Percent Of Blogs Are Spams
Matt Mullenweg – Developer Of WordPress

During an appearance at the Future of Web Apps conference, Mullenweg stated that WordPress powers 2,523,000 blogs.  Also, as Caroline McCarthy wrote, "WordPress has deleted more than 800,000 ‘splogs,’ or spam blogs."

Divide the second number by the first, multiply by 100, and you get 31.7 percent.  Almost one-third, if you round up, or three out of ten, if you’d prefer to round down.  That’s high, and that’s ignoring McCarthy’s "more than" and the possibility that WordPress missed some splogs.

Still, Dan Frommer, who inspired this little analysis, pointed out that things could be worse.  "Anti-spam software firm Commtouch says 96% of global emails are junk," he wrote.

Let’s just hope blog spammers don’t take the comparison as a challenge.