MTV Going Broadband For VMA

    August 25, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Viacom property’s Video Music Awards will have a broadband presence for Internet users this year.

After playing the role of piata to AOL’s stick in the wake of the Live 8 concerts, MTV has learned its lesson and will make a broadband version of its Video Music Awards available via its MTV Overdrive channel.

Viewership of MTV’s Live 8 coverage paled in comparison to AOL, and critics were equally displeased with numerous MTV gaffes during the performances. MTV stated in an AP story there was no connection to that and the forthcoming “My VMA” channel on MTV Overdrive.

One significant difference between the AOL coverage of Live 8 and MTV’s “My VMA” will be the delay between the broadcast and the broadband availability. Fans will have to wait until the day after the VMAs to access the online content.

MTV promises to make it worth the wait. In a press release the network said, “as of August 29 and for a full 30 days thereafter, the entire VMA pre-show, main show and post-show will be available on MTV Overdrive.” Additionally, MTV has created a lot of bonus content specifically for the channel.

That content, plus the ability to build and customize the performances and interviews, should make for a marked improvement in how MTV delivers the music to its fans.

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