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I’m pretty certain that it’s not just me that has noticed that MSN Search is just not cutting it within the Search community, or even the wider tech/media blogging circles.

Back in January, and even December last year there was much excitement and anticipation of MSN’s official launch and you couldn’t move for blog posts and forum threads on the subject. A quick search of Threadwatch will show you a whole bunch of activity ranging from general speculation to ways to spam the new engine.

Yesterday, Chirs Garret pointed out that MSN was now using PicSearch for images – not news of the century, but nobody seems to care at all – likewise at the SEW forum thread on the same subject. Have MSN simply failed to connect with the techies and marketing types, or is it just the fact that after so much pre-launch excitement, we’re all a bit bloated on MSN Search talk?

Im not certain, but my gut feeling is that they’ve blown it. While it will undoubtably be a hit with the masses, it will not acheive the cool that Google had, and now seems to be losing, and that Yahoo had, lost and is now regaining. It maybe just because it’s M$, and as many an M$ evangelist will tell you, it’s easy to pick on the mega corp, and “M$ bashing” has become somewhat of a sport in the blogophere.

Maybe their marketing and attempts to connect just suck.

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Nick Wilson is the publisher and founder of Threadwatch.org.

Threadwatch is a group blog, or forum if you prefer, focusing on Marketing and Related Technologies – News and discussion for those that make their living on the WWW – Register here to participate.

MSN Search – Flop with Search Community
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