MSN Messenger Faces Bropia Worm Threat

    February 3, 2005

A variant of the Bropia worm is targeting MSN Messenger, disguising itself as photo of a roasted chicken with a bikini tan line.

According to, “W32.Bropia.J is a worm that propagates using MSN Messenger and drops a variant of W32.Spybot.Worm.” Currently, Symantec and other anti-virus companies are giving the Bropia variant a “Medium” threat rating, with the potential to cause “High” amounts of damage.

NewsFactor reports:

The worm also carries another threat, the Agobot worm, as part of its payload, which can open a backdoor on an infected system and facilitate remote code execution

Upon execution, Bropia.F puts a copy of itself in the Windows system folder, and then tries to propagate to other MSN Messenger users by sending a copy of itself using various filenames like Naked_drunk.pif, Webcam.pif, and ROFL.pif.

Early indicators reveal home users are more at risk from the Bropia variant, which uses MSN Messenger’s buddy list to send itself to others, than are corporate users.

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