MSN Keywords: Holiday Pilot

    August 5, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Ads delivered as part of MSN’s new contextual advertising offering should start hitting MSN search engine result pages in October.

The holiday pilot program for MSN’s new ad program, which delivers ads based on the contextual content of a web page, will feature pitches from 500 top MSN advertisers, according to Search Engine Watch.

Like Google and Ask Jeeves, those ads will allow 25 characters for a title and 70 characters for the description. Currently, MSN has partnered with Yahoo’s Overture service for these type of ads. The new program will being by delivering ads from either MSN or Overture during the test, with Overture eventually being phased out.

According to the article, MSN has made an API for the ad system. About 30 ad management vendors, businesses that help manage ads for disparate mediums, will utilize the API.

MSN Keywords will be a self-service ad program, with advertisers paying for listings and creating their ads online. The potential payoff could be huge, as both Google and Yahoo gain the majority of their revenue from online advertising, a multi-billion dollar market. Advertisers have seen their audiences move online, and want to follow them there.

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