MSN Introduces Weather Add-in For Search Toolbar

    August 16, 2005

It appears as if MSN Search will continue to focus a good amount of their development skills on the MSN Search Toolbar, which is famous for finally introducing tabbed browsing to the Internet Explorer environment.

MSN Weather Icon

According to the MSN Search blog, they have just launched an add-in for the toolbar that should increase its usability, or at least provide some useful information to its users. The add-in, which is called the Weather Add-in for MSN Search Toolbar, does just what the name implies: delivers current weather conditions to the user who has it installed.

The weather add-in gives users a 3-day forecast as well as the ability to check temperatures and other related data. The MSN blog post indicates the weather add-in is the first of many that will continue to improve the usability of the toolbar. Users with coding ability can also develop add-ins of their own. Just follow the guidelines issued by MSN and it should work as desired.

To download the free weather add-in, go here. If you need to download the toolbar first, you can do so here.

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