MSN Green Stands Up To Scrutiny

    October 31, 2007

When it comes to green search companies, you might think of Google as the winner, and Yahoo, as (almost) always, as the runner-up.  But with the launch of a new site called MSN Green, Microsoft’s trying to keep up with the pack.

“Green,” in this case, might be the color of envy, not a healthy environment; a website’s existence doesn’t really outdo Google’s $10 million contribution towards sustainable transportation or Yahoo’s connections to a hydropower project in Brazil.  Microsoft gets points for trying, though – one section of the site is titled “Take action now!”

Elsewhere, you’ll find articles about climate change, Daylight Saving Time, and some sort of ratio between trees and baseball bats.  There are “green facts,” photo galleries, and environmentally relevant news, as well.

At this point, you may remain on the fence – MSN Green is well put together, but doesn’t seem to offer anything revolutionary, or even special.  But the site is more than a PR stunt – National Geographic, Conservation International, and Grist are all partners in the effort.

Microsoft’s still got a long ways to go.  It’s nice to see the corporation trying, though, and hopefully those partners can lead it in a productive direction.