MS Desktop Search Gets Smart

    August 25, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Information overload is driving everybody to offer ways of organizing the blog explosion and constant news generation. Adding to the recent deluge of better ways to keep news junkies from being buried in bookmarks, is Viapoint’s Microsoft Desktop Search adapter. The adapter creates virtual folders to aid in organizing files, emails, news and blog content.

At the same time, the company is also releasing Smart Organizer from Rocketinfo.

“With the Rocketinfo adapter, Viapoint users can find and organize relevant news and weblog content. The Smart Organizer delivers full access to the 16,000-source Rocketinfo news database, along with content from thousands of weblogs indexed by Rocketinfo. The free version of the Smart Organizer features news search functionality from Rocketinfo, with results that include contextual advertising. The upgraded Rocketinfo adapter includes advanced search features and the ability to save searches, create alerts and share relevant items with colleagues,” Rocketinfo said in a statement.