Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel Won’t Feature At Least One Actress from the Original

By: Josh Wolford - April 17, 2014

If and when the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel finally comes together, there’s one actress from the original film that most likely won’t be involved.

Mara Wilson, who played little Natalie in the 1993 hit, has taken to Twitter to state that she does not, nor will she have anything to do with the sequel. It’s a run-by fruiting!

“For the record, no, I do not have anything to do with the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, nor will I,” she says. “I’m glad I had the chance to be in it, and I’m proud of what we did, but I don’t see how we could do it again. There are many, many reasons I don’t want to be in Mrs. Doubtfire 2. But they haven’t even asked me (yet), so no need to worry.”

It appears that the Matilda actress isn’t really a fan of sequels in general, unless they were planned from the beginning. I guess something like the Lord of the Rings trilogy would be OK in her book.

No word from Matthew Lawrence. Yet.

In case you missed the news, The Hollywood Reporter says that a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel is in the works at Fox 2000 studios, with Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus both attached. According to THR, the guy who wrote Elf, David Berenbaum, is writing the script.

Post by Mrs. Doubtfire.

A “Mrs. Doubtfire 2″ was tossed about way back in the early 2000s, but momentum quickly died. A lot of people really love this movie, so it’ll be interesting to see the reaction to a sequel going forward. I see strong opinions, how bout you?

Image via Mrs. Doubtfire, Facebook

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  • Melvina Roselyn

    That movie was funny.

  • Alex Williams

    “Oh, sir. I saw it! Some angry member of the kitchen staff, Did you not tip them? Oh, the terrorists! They ran that way. It was a run-by fruiting. I’ll get them, sir. Don’t worry.”

    • Alex Williams

      My idol fell harder than Babylon when I saw James Bond take a fruit to the head from Robin Williams dressed as an old woman.