Mr. Gates Goes To Madison

    October 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

One stop on the Bill Gates whirlwind tour of several college campuses brought him to Wisconsin’s capital, where he spoke to dozens of students.

No one was about to skip a Wednesday night lecture at UW-Madison’s Weeks Hall. Not when the guest speaker was going to discuss the eagerly anticipated Xbox 360 game console among other high-tech topics.

The fact that the guest speaker happened to be the world’s best-known computer executive, one William H. Gates III, only enhanced the experience. Wisconsin Technology Network reported on the Chief Software Architect’s visit to the campus.

He had already visited the University of Michigan earlier on Wednesday, and still had stops at Princeton, Columbia, Howard, and Waterloo University in Ontario scheduled for the rest of the week. At Madison, he chatted about software, hardware, and the promise of the technology industry as a career.

While he was there, Gates made a few predictions about technology in the coming world:

He said that in the future, paper would be removed from the process of taking notes, film taken out of photography and CDs irrelevant to music storage. Video is a few years behind because of the high bit rate, but as speed improves, it will be incorporated to a higher level, as well.

Software development is key to this however, Gates said, and Microsoft understands that hardware won’t be enough, he added.

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