Mozilla's Persona Now Supports Gmail Users


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Persona began as a browser customization option in Firefox, but Mozilla soon used the name for its ambitious new plan to make the Web more secure. In short, it's a single identity that's used across all of the Web sites you frequent, and it's secure as it only requires an email address. Gmail wasn't initially supported at launch, but that all changed this week.

Mozilla announced on Thursday that its Persona ID system now supports Gmail. In other words, you can sign into your favorite Persona-enabled Web sites with nothing but your Gmail email address. With the addition of Gmail, Mozilla says that Persona now natively supports 700 million email users.

As an added bonus, Mozilla reveals that Persona will protect your privacy, even from Google. The non-profit says that Google can't track which sites you sign into via Gmail for Persona.

If you want to try out Persona right now to see what all the hubbub is about, check out any of Mozilla's sites. They all support Persona.