Mozilla Mozaic Might Be The Future Of Bookmarks

    October 31, 2012
    Zach Walton
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The bookmark hasn’t changed in a long time. Regardless of browser, the bookmark is a link in a long line of other links that the user has saved for easy access. Chris Lee, an interaction designer and developer working with the Firefox UX team, wants to bring the bookmark into the future.

After finding inspiration in Pinterest and iTunes, Lee has crafted what he calls Mozaic. It’s a new way of displaying bookmarks in a way that takes “advantage of modern advances in usability.” By that, he means that Mozaic displays all of your bookmarks in a visual style reminiscent of Chrome’s and Firefox’s tab page.

Mozilla Mozaic Future Of Bookmarks

Lee has added the following features to the current version of Mozaic:

  • A visual thumbnail view of pages
  • A more traditional list view with site icons
  • Single page layout instead of a folder hierarchy sidebar
  • Contained within the browser window instead of a separate window
  • “Sticky scroll” group headers that remain visible as you scroll
  • It shows bookmarks, tab groups, and history
  • If you’re interested in the design process behind it, Lee also has an interactive slide showcase detailing the “Bookmarks of the Future.”

    Mozaic is also available on GitHub for download as a somewhat functional add-on for newer versions of Firefox. Lee warns that it might be slightly unpredictable at this point, but it’s an interesting take on the tired concept of bookmarks.

    • John B.

      This is kind of an old concept that many of have been using for quite sometime. rather than saving as a bookmark i always save as SPEED DIAL entry. check out http://speeddial.uworks.net/ its an add on for Firefox and quite possibly for other browsers I’m not sure. it saves pages as thumbnails on a large page and pages can be created say for home improvement links and another page for fishing links etc.