Mozilla Messaging Launches Today

    February 19, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The email and messaging division of the Mozilla Foundation opens with the lofty aim of fixing email, starting with development of Thunderbird 3.

“The joy that communication can bring is too often replaced by frustration, confusion, or stress. Furthermore, as we transmit more and more digital data, privacy and control questions become more and more troublesome,” David Ascher. said on his blog.

Mozilla Messaging Launches Today

“One common short-hand for the above is to say, somewhat flippantly, that ’email is broken’.”

Good thing Ascher signed on to fix it. That job begins now, with Mozilla Messaging taking wing today.

First order of business: Thunderbird 3 development. Early news of this as posted at Mozilla should be encouraging. Witness these three key bits:

•  Thunderbird 3 will include calendaring, better search, and better overall user experience, much like Firefox 3. We