Movie Theater Shooting: Sign of Lax Gun Laws?


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Many are baffled by the senseless shooting that occurred at a Wesley Chapel, Florida movie theater on Monday. What allegedly transpired involved a 71-year-old retired police captain named Curtis Reeves becoming livid at Chad and Nicole Oulson over texting. The couple in front of him's texting noises were bothering him, and Reeves reportedly asked them to stop. They failed to comply, which resulted in Reeves leaving the showing of “Lone Survivor”. When he returned, an altercation erupted as Chad Oulson loudly proclaimed that he was only sending a message to his very young daughter. The confrontation ended in the 43-year-old man being fatally shot by the former police officer. Nicole Oulson was reportedly shot trying to shield her husband from gunfire.

Reeves was detained by an off-duty police officer. Meanwhile, nurses who were present tried unsuccessfully to revive Chad Oulson, who later died. Curtis Reeves has since been charged with second degree murder.

The entire scenario seems even more unbelievable than the movie that many were there to see that afternoon.

The theater's website made it clear that certain items were not allowed in their establishment, and guns were unsurprisingly among them given certain recent events. Still, why would anyone bring a gun to a movie theater? Why would would someone walk away from a confrontation and then come back?

It's not unusual for persons who have access to a weapon to use it in the heat of the moment–even when their lives are not in actual danger.

As a former officer of the law, many would expect Reeves to know better. The fact that even those trained to use weapons to protect themselves and others can lash out in such a way is very discouraging. Florida's gun laws in fatal situations has been called into question recently, especially with the controversy surrounding the Trayvon Martin murder trial.

Is this latest shooting a sign of just how lax gun laws are? Is it enough to raise questions regarding just who and when persons are entitled to walk around armed?

Only time will tell.

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