MoveOn Blasts MySpace Over Censorship

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MoveOn’s executive director Eli Pariser called MySpace a "serial censorer of user-generated content" and presented a litany of complaints about the social networking site’s practices.

MoveOn Blasts MySpace Over Censorship
MoveOn Blasts MySpace Over Censorship

What happened to the Common Cause ad against media consolidation? Is MySpace planning to erect a toll road to its profiles for widget makers? Isn’t MySpace’s stance against ads in profiles a little disingenuous considering that Cingular is Tom Anderson’s number one friend?

MoveOn has some issues with MySpace, and aired them at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York. Pariser was scheduled to participate in a panel with MySpace spokesman Jeff Berman on user-generated content.

MySpace and MoveOn are politically polar opposites. MySpace’s owner, News Corp head Rupert Murdoch, lusts after the Wall Street Journal for its conservative journalism. MoveOn is vastly more comfortable with the likes of Al Gore and similar-minded people.

MoveOn wants to challenge MySpace over its community, namely the lack of say the community has over the changes MySpace makes, particularly when it comes to user-generated content. Censorship concerns have led to this criticism of MySpace, and MoveOn has launched an Internet User Rights initiative to combat it.

Several examples were cited by MoveOn in a statement about their complaints. They gave the Common Cause ad from January, a Rupert Murdoch parody from April, and a profile for a band called Kids On TV as examples of content censored by MySpace.

The arguments don’t seem to hold up well. Anyone who is on MySpace can also choose to leave MySpace. If a band feels it is being treated unfairly by the site, they can take down their content, put it up on a new site, and leave a link at MySpace for fans to follow.

Fox Interactive Media gets to make the rules for MySpace. Policies that alienate their users are unfortunate, but options do exist elsewhere. If enough users vote with their keyboards and head to Bebo or wherever, MySpace will either get the message and change an unpopular policy, or just watch those users leave.

MoveOn Blasts MySpace Over Censorship
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  • Glen Williams

    You got it dead right in this article. The only people who have the right to say what is and is not acceptable at MySpace is the owners of MySpace. I have 3 websites that allow user-generated content and I set the rules as to what content is acceptable. The reputation of my site depends on it. If Move-On wants to have a place that’s more “fair,” let them build one. Last I heard, the Internet is still a place here anyone can do business…at least until Move-On’s candidates get too much power. Let me suggest a domain name appropriate for them…www.WhackySpace.com.

    • Linda

      My kids use Myspace as well as millions of other kids so HURRAY for them and all they do to protect information on their site!
      I am also a webmaster and I decide what I want and what is appropriate, same goes for Myspace, they have a right to do so!

  • Papadoc

    So when did censorship become a bad thing in the private sector? I have the say over what is displayed in my office, on my website, and on anything thing else I own.

    When MoveOn decides it will be tyrant over everyone else’s property and tell them how they must allow it to be used, they show their real colors – not unlike their website that says, “Help US win the White House in 2008″. Didn’t know MoveOn was even a candidate. I guess they must mean US as in someone who will do our bidding.

    Somehow I can’t find the place on the MoveOn site tht will allow me to put up anything I want. THEY ARE CENSORING ME!

  • Roger The Okcitykid

    The customer can’t just move on. Murdoch is a powerful person who also owns much of TV, and has a large stake in news print and radio.

    He is not afraid to indiscriminately shove his point of view down our throat and unfortunately we can’t avoid it.

    To support the puppet master, you support the problem.

    • James

      Murdoch owns FOX last I heard there is CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN.

      Next you do not mind when Google oppresses people, but that is right Al Gore works for them so it is OK.

      Also there are a lot more social sites out there granted MySpace is the monster.

  • Roger The Okcitykid

    I think I’ll just move on and cancel my subscription to webpronews.com

    • X

      Thanks friend. You made me laugh at your stupidity and you have gained “daily idiot” status. There is always one and your it. Go ahead and cancel. Your best bet is to crawl under your house and hide. What a douche. I assume you are glued to Fox news right now.

      By the way, this is the first time I have read a webpronews page.

  • Richard

    MoveOn has organized attacks on so many enteties owned and/or operated by non-leftists that it seems kind of obvious to me that the whole thing is politically motivated. Every website sets it rules of engagement, including MoveOn. Please everyone, see this for what it is…a rather feeble attempt to bring down a remarkably democratic (small d) phenomena to get at it’s owner. I’ll bet this originated in a meeting whose agenda was to find ways of irritating and distracting the non-left.

  • James

    I have seen many different views on myspace from all political and not political stand points. Move-On is just trying to make an issue.

    By the way Obmama has a myspace is he part of the right wing to LOL. Murdoch also said positive things about Hillary Clinton so I do not get this BS.

  • PJ Wassermann

    If you’re too stupid to understand politics then at least don’t write about them.

  • Samuel

    MySpace has every right to control what goes out on its site. MoveOn is a radical left media site that serves as a lacky for George Soros. MoveOn is not interested in your free speech. It is only concerned with putting out its secular radical left propaganda.

  • HumbuckerStudios.com

    Can you please name some other options

  • Kathy Corcoran

    Simply amazing as today I received an email from Myspace.com after I gave them my thoughts on a profile that is in Myspace of such foul language and they responded that the person was in the guideline of Myspace.com
    I see now how so many pedators seek young children on Myspace.com and that reason is Myspace allows it to happen as they allow such nasty things in Profiles.
    AOL doesnot allow such language as they will delete such a profile.
    I believe they should be stopped and their was a way I would like to see Myspace in court.

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