Movable Type: Blogs Not Social Enough

    August 18, 2008
    Chris Crum

Moveable Type from Six Apart has a new incarnation out that aims to take blogging in a more social direction.

As Om malik points out, blogging has always been a social form of media. On the flipside, sites like MySpace incorporate blogs into their profile pages.

But where platforms like WordPress miss the boat, this new Movable Type incorporates the ability to set-up networks into it.

The Movable Type blog highlights new features on the current version:

– Movable Type Pro lets you turn any site into a full social publishing platform, combining all of Movable Type’s abilities as a blogging and CMS with social networking features like profiles, ratings, user registration, forums, following, and more.

– The platform upgrade to Movable Type 4.2 fulfills the top three requests made by our community — it’s up to 100 times faster for common tasks, features much simpler templates for customizing your site, and includes 100% free and open source TypePad AntiSpam for keeping junk comments off your site.

– Movable Type Pro includes all of the features in the Movable Type Community Solution and more, giving you all the power of this enormously successful social networking platform. And if you’re a personal blogger or have a current MT license, Movable Type Pro is a free update.

– Movable Type remains the most secure publishing platform of its kind. As part of developing these new versions, we completed the most intensive proactive search for security issues in the history of the platform.

Six Apart wants to make social network creation as readily available as blog creation, and is taking a step forward with this release.

It’s an interesting idea, but do social network users have room for another network for every blogger they want to communicate with? This could turn into a reputation management nightmare for those who aren’t careful.