Motorola Takes 2nd Place

    March 3, 2005

Motorola announced that Gartner affirmed the company’s position as the world’s second-largest handset manufacturer.

The company commented following the release of Gartner’s 2004 Market Share Report. The report estimates Motorola’s fourth quarter 2004 global market share to be 16.3% based on sales to end users.

“Our Mobile Devices Business has great momentum with the wickedly compelling products that consumers want most,” said Ron Garriques, president of Motorola’s Mobile Devices. “During Q4, we grew faster than anyone in the industry — and we grew profitably. RAZR was a clear game-changer and just the beginning. Already this year, we’ve announced SLVR — which brings RAZR style to candy bars — and we’ve unveiled PEBL, another new and exciting ‘must-have’ design from Motorola.”

In addition to launching RAZR, the new design icon of 2004, Motorola launched 60 new wireless handsets, expanded its leadership in 3G-UMTS technology and broke new ground in the mobile music space by announcing an alliance with Apple.

The company was chosen over 18 other manufacturers to deliver new handset designs for the sub- $40 market. The contract is part of a global initiative to profitably deliver the power of wireless communications to everyone.

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