Motorola Takes A Snap At Samsung On YouTube

    September 15, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Motorola is getting the stink-eye from Samsung after a Motorola-owned video spoof showed up on YouTube. The 15-second video showed a woman snapping a Samsung’s 6.9 millimeter-thick Ultra mobile phone in half.

At the end of the video, text read “Samsung handset, easy to break at one try!”

Samsung was none too pleased about it, and when YouTube learned that the copyright owner of the video was Motorola, Samsung fired off a few choice words like “unthinkable” and “unethical.”

The video was pulled, according to the notice on YouTube, by Motorola because the content was used without the copyright owner’s permission.

The company said the video was created as a spoof, not as an official Motorola video and was not intended for distribution. The video was leaked without Motorola’s knowledge.

Samsung claimed that the phone in the video was doctored before recording and would not break that easy because of the new material of the phone. Because the company feels damage was to done its reputation, they are considering taking legal action.

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