Motorola Putting Its Faith In Android

    October 29, 2008

Reports indicate that Motorola may be preparing to lay off thousands of employees, and this doesn’t bode well for all sorts of projects and divisions.  However, it seems that Google’s Android is being regarded as a potential company-saver, since it should both survive the cuts and become a central focus.

Sanjay Jha
 Sanjay Jha

Sara Silver reports that Sanjay Jha, Motorola’s co-CEO, "is betting on Google’s Android operating system and just two other software platforms to speed development of sorely needed new models.  He plans to jettison at least four other platforms, limiting the number of employees required to do customization work for different wireless carriers."

This represents a huge compliment to Google, which has dedicated all sorts of time and energy to creating and advertising Android.  Motorola’s essentially putting the search giant’s first try on an equal footing with what other companies have spent years refining.

The move also means that Android’s market share may grow more quickly than anyone had previously predicted.  Talk of it becoming as ubiquitous as the iPhone sounds a little less silly now.

Silver reports that Motorola’s first Android-based devices should appear sometime next year.  Stay tuned to see what happens.