Motivate and Inform Your Staff

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Staff motivation is both a science and an art. I like platitudes like that one that don’t mean very much unless you look at them more deeply.

A throwaway line simply won’t get the job done; or more correctly, won’t help your employees to get the job done. Motivation, here we come.

To get employees to achieve the company goals, people must know and understand what the business is trying to accomplish. You’d be surprised how many companies don’t tell their staff where the business is going, either in the short term, or in the longer term. Perhaps it has something to do with trade secrets, or more cynically, with not telling anyone, especially those who might face layoff, too much information. Instead of looking at the company in that glass half empty format, think in terms of filling the glass full to overflowing.

Involve staff in goal setting

For many independent business organizations, the staff is all at one location, and can be accommodated in a staff planning session. The object of the plenary is to involve the staff in the setting the goals for the organization. At the very least, the employees should create targets for their own departments. Either approach is good for personnel motivation as people will work much harder to reach levels of success that they marked themselves. People will internalize the company’s success and equate it with their personal career success. Numbers sent down from the top, as if written on stone tablets for the great unwashed, are far less likely to be met, as no one had any voice in their formulation.

Teach the personnel new skills

Share your knowledge and expertise with other members of the organization. Make it clear that skills are being added to each employee’s abilities to help them achieve their goals. Emphasise that people are not training their replacement for a layoff, but are preparing someone to take on new responsibilities, so the more experience staff member can also move up the job ladder to an even higher rung. No longer saddled with less valuable uses of their time, higher level staffers can be taught more intensive management skills. Teach them to work on the business and not in it, and to help them delegate routine tasks, and to mentor other employees.

Create an exciting workplace

Make your business a great place to work. Establish feedback loops to keep employees in the know about the company’s present and future plans. Have the employees set their own goals and provide a monitoring opportunity for each person to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Help them to overcome obstacles to reaching their personal targets. Instead of the traditional employee evaluation, substitute an individual meeting that focusses on achievement and goals. Empower your people. Be free with praise for jobs well done. It costs nothing, yet is worth more than gold. Create a workplace where people can’t wait to get to work and to do great things on the job.


Involve your staff people in the company planning and goal setting. They will surprise you with their new enthusiasm and will to work. People want to be seen as important and highly valued members of a great organization. If you hire quality individuals, they will help your company to grow and prosper. Good people are the most important asset of any organization. Treat them well.

Don’t forget to thank them lavishly for their assistance in your business success story. They deserve it.

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Motivate and Inform Your Staff
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