Most eBay Users Satisfied

    July 3, 2007

Seventy percent of consumers who made purchases on eBay in the last year were highly satisfied with their experience according to a new survey from Consumer Reports.

Close to 90 percent of purchases arrived on time, matched their description and were perceived as a good value. Around 50 percent of respondents said eBay was an excellent place for hard- to- find items.

Consumer Reports secret shoppers revealed that it was relatively easy to purchase products that were illegal or had been recalled such as lawn darts, car seats, and strollers.

"eBay has 2,000 staff members policing its site around the clock, but with 6.4 million new listings per day, their employees can’t find all the iffy auctions and shut them down instantly," said Tod Marks, Senior Editor for Consumer Reports. "Buyers must take precautions and learn as much as possible about who they are dealing with."

When it came to customer support 40 percent of respondent’s ranked eBay as fair or poor. Consumers were 38 percent successful in resolving disputes with unscrupulous sellers directly, which eBay recommends.

For payment methods PayPal was the most popular and was used for 89 percent of the purchases in Consumer Reports survey.

Complaining directly to eBay authorities satisfied 60 percent of consumers. The most effective way to deal with dishonesty was to file a formal complaint with PayPal. Only 23 percent of consumers took that action but of those who did 66 percent said it worked.