Most Blogs Have Offensive Content

    April 25, 2007

PC World reports on Scansafe’s Monthly Global Threat Report for March 2007, which states that up to 80% of blogs contain “offensive” content. This includes porn, offensive language, hate posting, and malware—6% hosted active malware.

PC World describes the methodology behind the report:

The figures were gleaned from an analysis of real-time traffic passing through the company corporate proxying service, designed to filter out the worst content. A total of 614 sites were chosen at random from sites reckoned to have blogging as a significant activity.

One incidence of offensive content was enough to flag the entire site. According to
Tamar at SERoundtable, even a user comment containing offensive content was enough to set off the “offensive” rating.

The PC World article anticipates the obvious argument:

The figures look sensational, but overstate the seriousness of the content on many of these blog sites. As the company admits, a single swear word doesn’t in itself mean the site is a problem. What is does indicate is the extent to which the Internet has become a channel for what Nadir suggested might be a long tail of minority interests that encompass interests others would deem ‘offensive”. Companies needed to be aware of the issue, however.

Okay, now for the fun part: the little tidbit you can drop at your next dinner party (or geek dinner, whatever the case may be):

“There were as many blogs with the ‘F-word’ as the word ‘China’”, said ScanSafe’s Dan Nadir.

That really surprises me. Since when was ‘China’ a bad word? I’ll bet we’re in the 80 percent. ;)