Moron Brutally Beats Disabled Man To Death, Posts the Video on Facebook

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When it comes to criminals who commit violent acts, it is oftentimes their sheer brutality that is the most shocking element of their crime.

But when it comes to criminals who involve Facebook in their crimes, the utter stupidity is usually more shocking than anything else.

Today's story of idiot Facebook criminals comes from the Windy City, where three men have been charged with first-degree murder after the violent attack that led to the death of a 62-year-old disabled man.

According to police, the men aged 16,17, and 18 attacked Delfino Mora in an alley. He suffered blunt force trauma that eventually led to his death at a local hospital.

The youngest suspect, Malik Jones, made it all too easy for police when he posted a video of the beating on Facebook.

I guess criminals are not that different from the law-abiding portion of the population in one regard: they simply haven't figured out the fact that Facebook (and other forms of social media) are public forums. Anything you post could wind up biting you in the ass, even if you think you have your privacy settings locked down.

Just ask the guy who posted pics of syphoning gas from a cop car on Facebook, or the guy who posted photos of all of his cash on the network and was promptly robbed.

Police in the U.K. analyzed their files and determined that someone commits a crime involving Facebook every 40 minutes - so this latest idiot is definitely not alone. Beating a guy to death is terrible, but posting your crime on Facebook is a whole other level of dumb that I can't even begin to fathom.

Josh Wolford
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