More Ways to Use Google Mobile for the Holidays

    December 23, 2008
    Chris Crum

Google has been counting down the days of December heading into the New Year by offering tips for Google Mobile, just as they have been doing separately with Google products in general.

Google Counts down holidays

They’ve got a page up that provides a place where you can learn a new way to use Google Mobile each day. Tips range from traffic and transit and tracking Santa to numeric search and comparison shopping, with a lot more in between. It has provided not only encouragement on Google’s part for people to use their product, but it has provided usability tips to people who already use it anyway.

Google Mobile Countdown

Google has also been offering a number of video tips for Google Mobile, generally aimed at holiday themes. In fact, they set up an entire YouTube channel, which I discussed and highlighted some videos from here.

Today, Google has shared a few more such video tips to close out the holiday season. The first one shows how to do some last-minute shopping using Google Docs and Google Maps for mobile.

The second one shows how to keep in touch with far-off relatives with a cameraphone, Picasa Webalbums, and a WiFi-enabled picture frame.

And the third one shows you how to search for recipes on your phone, use mobile YouTube, and search for local times to wish your far-off friends a Happy New Year.

And while we’re looking at Holiday videos, I might as well share our own here too.

Happy Holidays from WebProNews!