More Search Awards From SEJ

    December 27, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Search Engine Journal is taking a bit longer than anticipated in releasing its inaugural Search Engine Blogs awards, but a couple of new results have been announced.

“Results for the Matt Cutts vs. Jeremy Zawodny voting will be published tomorrow along with a rundown of all the Search Engine Journal 2005 Search Blog Awards. Hold on to the edge of your seats for the final awards posting!” Loren Baker posted today.

There were a couple of awards revealed today. The showdown for Best Search Engine Community Blog was between Threadwatch and Search Engine Roundtable.

Alas, the voting didn’t go to new owner Aaron Wall’s Threadwatch. Instead, Barry Schwartz, Nacho Hernandez, and the rest of the Search Engine Roundtable group got the nod.

The competition for Best Search Engine News Blog was more wide open. Threadwatch and Search Engine Roundtable competed for this honor too, along with ten other entrants. (As awards host, Baker honorably withdrew SEJ from consideration.)

The two community blog competitors and everyone else in the field finished behind Danny Sullivan and Gary Price’s Search Engine Watch blog.

Congratulations to the winners, and we’ll look forward to seeing how the blogging bustup between Zawodny and Cutts finished in the voting.

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