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Last week’s article addressed some important questions to ask a web designer before you move forward with a website.

This week I take on the same topic as it’s best to ask the questions now from your web team than find out later a major component has been neglected.

Who Will I be Talking To?

Some design firms will have a project manager or perhaps a sales representative that would be your direct contact during the development of your project. Sometimes this can create tension between you and the design company, as there can be a communication breakdown when trying to explain an idea you may have. Although working through a project manager can go smoothly during the campaign be sure to ask if you are able to discuss the design directly with the staff member who will actually be working on your website.

Most companies will outline the amount of time allotted for telephone consultation and email support in the service agreement.

Does the Design Firm Have a Detailed Proposal and Agreement?

Pay close attention to the entire sales process prior to confirming you wish to move ahead with a web design company. You should feel absolutely at ease with the proposal prior to receiving a contract to sign off on. The proposal should include all of the details of the campaign from start to finish.

Once you are comfortable with moving ahead with the project be certain that the contract includes the following:

  • The addition of any variations you have discussed that differ from the original proposal
  • The payment structure is clearly outlined – including any 3 rd party fees that may arise
  • The total list of services you will receive
  • The time frame for completion of the project
  • A list of responsibilities for both yourself and the design firm

Are You Able to Provide Me with an Online Shopping Cart?

So you want to sell products and services online to your customers? Thankfully there are more and more cost effective solutions in place these days and like most solutions some are better than others.

If you are planning to sell your goods online here is a list of some questions you should bring up and discuss with your website designer:

  • What Shopping Cart solution do you recommend and why?
  • Can you outline all of the costs involved? Be sure to ask about the merchant (credit card) component of the Cart.
  • Will the Cart be simple to use for my website visitors?
  • Can you show me a demo of the front end of the Shopping Cart (what visitors see) as well as the back end (where you manage the products and other criteria)?
  • Some Shopping Carts are not search engine friendly. Can the website designer tell me if the Cart that is recommended is helpful to my future rankings?
  • Who is responsible for adding the initial products to the Cart?
  • Are there integrated solutions for shipping my orders?

Next week’s article will address website architecture. Specifically, when building a successful website what to tackle before the first click of the mouse.

If you have any questions or comments about “Tips and Tricks” please send them to Mark Johnstone mark@pureignition.com

Article by Mark Johnstone, StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc.

Mark is the Senior Web Developer for Pure Ignition – Search Engine Friendly Web Design.

More Questions to Ask Your Web Designer
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