More Parties Join Class Action Against YouTube

    June 6, 2007

Three new parties are joining in the class action copyright infringement claims against YouTube and Google that were initiated by The Football Association Premier League and independent music publisher Bourne Co.

The latest parties to join the suit include Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co., the national French tennis organization (Federation Franaise de Tennis) and the French soccer league (Ligue de Football Professionel).

Dan Johnson, Premier League spokesman said, "We are pleased to see other copyright holders joining us in what we are trying to achieve. They clearly recognize the need to take action against YouTube and Google to protect the value of their rights."

"The Internet is increasingly important as a medium for distribution of entertainment, sports, and other content, but nothing gives YouTube the right to build its business based on the hard work of others without their permission and without payment. We anticipate these latest parties are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, and more will follow."

The class action complaint was filed in federal court in New York City on May 4. The claim is on behalf of all copyright owners who have had their material copied and shown on YouTube without authorization.