More Mobile Users Recalling Ads

    March 4, 2008

Twenty-three percent (58 million) of all U.S. mobile subscribers say they have seen advertising on their phones in the past 30 days, according to a new report from Nielsen.

Half (28 million) of all mobile users who remember seeing a mobile ad in the last 30 days say they responded to the ad in some way. The number of mobile user who recalled seeing mobile advertising between the second and fourth quarters of 2007 rose 38 percent (from 42 to 58 million subscribers).

Teen mobile users (ages 13-17) were the most likely demographic to remember seeing mobile advertising (46% recalled seeing some type of mobile ad, compared to 29% of all mobile users).

Asian-Americans and African-Americans are more likely to recall mobile advertising (42% and 40%, respectively) than all mobile users. Out of those who saw an ad 26 percent responded at least once by sending an SMS text-message, the most popular ad response.

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Jeff Herrmann – VP Of Mobile Media At Nielsen Media

Thirty-two percent of mobile users are open to mobile advertising if it decreases their overall bill. Thirteen percent said they are open to mobile advertising if it improves the media and content that is currently available.

Fourteen percent said they are prepared for mobile advertising as long as it is relevant to their interests. Twenty-three percent believe they will see more mobile advertising in the future (up from 15% in Q1 2007).

"Increasing levels of consumer recall, interaction and receptivity to mobile advertising reinforce the validity of the mobile marketing medium," said Jeff Herrmann, VP of Mobile Media at Nielsen Mobile.

"We see an increasing trend of consumers willing to trade off and receive advertising to gain more — and better — mobile content," said Herrmann.