More Job Seekers Turning To The Internet

    October 12, 2007

Job hunters are continuing to increase their use of the Internet as the main part of their job search according to a new report from the Conference Board.

More Job Seekers Turning To The Internet
More Job Seekers Turning To The Internet

The report found that workers who looked for a job between January and September 2007, 73 percent said they had used the Internet compared to 66 percent of job seekers in the same time period in 2005.

"The Internet has become the most popular method of job searching," said Gad Levanon, Economist at The Conference Board. "Newspapers are still popular as a major job search method, but job seekers reported using them less, dropping from 75 percent to 65 percent between 2005 and 2007."

The majority of job seekers use more than one method in looking for a job. Online and print ads are still the most widely used method for searching for job openings. Fifty-one percent of job seekers said they networked through friends and co-workers as part of their job search. Twenty-four percent said they used other methods, such as employment agencies.

The report also found that the Internet is being used for a number of job search functions, 59 percent use it for finding employer/job information, 57 percent use the Internet for submitting resumes and applications and 40 percent use it to post resumes on a Web site.

In September 2007, there were 4,270,000 online advertised job vacancies according to The Conference Board Help-Wanted Online Data Series.