More Features with New Google Toolbar Version

    December 13, 2007

Google has released version 5 of it’s popular toolbar, now with many more additional features.

Google ToolbarGoogle Toolbar allows you to save your settings online, and then get all of your bookmarks, custom buttons and AutoFill information from your different computers.

Google Notebook: You can now you can collect text and images, too and put them into notebooks right from the Toolbar.

Google Gadgets: In Toolbar, gadgets can even interact with the pages you’re on, like with the Google Product Search gadget, you can just highlight the name of something you’d like to buy on any page and do a quick price comparison right there.

You’ll get suggestions instead of error pages: If you mistype a URL or a page is down, now the Toolbar Google Toolbar gives you that familiar "Did you mean" with alternatives, like when you do a Google search.