More Employers Using Social Media To Engage Their Workforce

Company blogs most popular tool

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More employers are turning to social media tools in an effort to deal with reduced communication budgets and to keep their workforce engaged, according to new survey out today.

In its "Employee Engagement Survey," the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) partnered with Buck Consultants, to examine how organizations are communicating with employees to keep them engaged and productive.

Robin McCaseland
Robin McCaseland

"Communicating for optimal employee engagement is always a timely topic, but even more so during challenging economic times," said Robin McCasland, a director in Buck Consultants’ communication practice and 2009-2010 chair of IABC Research Foundation.

"Our results represent opportunities for communicators to have greater influence in delivering messages that encourage employees to remain productive, and to understand how their work contributes toward achieving business priorities."

More than three-quarters (79%) of respondents said they use social media frequently to engage employees and foster productivity, outranking even email (75%). Company blogs are the most popular social media tool currently in use (47%), with discussion boards ranking as the highest for future planned use.

"It’s encouraging to see the rising popularity of social media in employee communication," said Julie Freeman, ABC, APR, president of IABC. "Companies are moving away from the one-way communication model where they would send out information hoping people would read it."

"Using the various social media tools, companies can now engage employees in discussions and foster conversations between teams across geographic and other boundaries."

Current use of social networking sites such as Twitter (21%), Yammer (20%), and Facebook (18%) is significant, but organizations are planning to use those tools even more in the future.



More Employers Using Social Media To Engage Their Workforce
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  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com Spencer Spellman

    Communication is the key, and to go a step further, effective communication. I’ve seen and even been a part of work places that social media was ineffectively and inappropriately used. I’ve noticed that across the entirety of a company, many of them don’t understand how to effectively use it. With that, it’s important to educate and have best practices and get everyone involved, whether for just communicating with one another or promoting brand awareness.

  • http://www.trainingreiki.com reiki

    Personally, this is a very effective means of communication between an employer and his employees. Employees will get updated information about something in relation to their company’s operation.

  • http://curtclapier.com CurtClapier.com

    This was insightful. I never thought about this.

    I think it is brilliant. I think rather than trying to ban employees from using facebook and what not because it wastes time embracing the medium by using it as a tool to engage and motivate them is genius.

    People will use these mediums no matter what. We might as well try to make it productive and build our relationship with our employees and colleagues through these social media sites.

  • DominicT

    High time organisations started making good use of the itnernet, other than just advertise their own products and services.

  • http://www.xn--lnpengeinfo-x8a.dk L

    I guess a social media like Twitter is a great way to give short messages to the employes.

  • http://www.sodexousa.com/usen/careers/network/network.asp Kerry

    Great article! Sodexo’s Talent Acquisition Team has been using social networking sites to not only communicate with past, present and future employees we have also been using these tools to improve our candidate experience and strengthen our employment brand. We are a world wide company and have connected with our colleagues around the world through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. We’ve also made it easy for people to connect with us through a “Network with Us” page on our careers site (http://bit.ly/sodexo)

  • http://mxproject.com John

    I agree that Twitter and Blogs are good, but I think Friend Feed is a good alternative to Twitter sibnce friend feed does not limit someone to 140 characters and FF is easier to upload pictures to.

    Forums is a great way for communication because your can make different sections for different topics, and it also is easy to use.

  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham Maged

    This is the development for the communication between the employees and their companies. In the past they used to deal with Faxes, and travel abroad for outreaching however today social media, especially blogs, make it easy to keep on following from your place regardless the geographic location.

  • http://www.relaxinggardens.com/planters.html planters

    Social Media is good

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