More Consumers Going Online To Research Products

    January 16, 2008

Seventy percent of consumers use the Internet to research consumer packaged goods before visiting a store according to a survey from Prospectiv "2007 Consumer Packaged Goods survey."

When conducting research for consumer packaged goods (CPG) online 27 percent of consumers say they prefer e-newsletters followed by 25 percent who favor search tools. Fourteen percent said they used general saving and shopping sites along with branded product sites.

When asked what online resource they would most likely sign up for/join to receive product information and promotional offers 47 percent said branded CPG e- newsletters, followed by branded CPG Web sites (39%) and online community/forum (14%).

When researching products online 48 percent said they were looking for information about the product, forty-six percent wanted savings on the product and just six percent wanted tips on how to use the product.

"These poll results show that there are tremendous opportunities for CPG marketers to reach consumers online, especially through branded e-Newsletters," said Jere Doyle, President and CEO of Prospectiv

"General savings and shopping sites as well as branded product sites can also attract consumer interest provided CPG marketers focus on populating these sites with product information, product savings offers and tips on how to use specific products."