More Confirmation of Paid Twitter Accounts

Stone Talks to WSJ

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Biz StoneYou’ve heard endless rumors, speculation, and theories as to how Twitter will monetize itself. Biz Stone has now confirmed Twitter will be launching its own fee-based services this year after watching others make money of Twitter themselves. The Wall Street Journal Reports:

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone says the San Francisco start-up is watching the outside initiatives closely as it prepares to launch its own fee-based services this year, but doesn’t view them as competition. "We want to work with those companies that are already making an effort," he says.

Mr. Stone says Twitter recently hired a product manager to oversee the development of commercial accounts. The accounts would offer users more features in exchange for a fee, but Mr. Stone says Twitter hasn’t set a launch date for them.

"This makes perfect sense," says Dan Frommer at Silicon Alley Insider. "There’s a lot of stuff companies would pay Twitter for, such as a way to verify the company rep’s legitimacy; to more analytics and information about who is reading their Twitter page; to better tracking features to see what people are saying about their company."

Back in early February, Stone told Fiona Ramsay, "We are noticing more companies using Twitter and individuals following them."  He then continued, "We can identify ways to make this experience even more valuable and charge for commercial accounts."

I guess we now just have a little better idea of when to expect something. Sometime within the next 9 months?

More Confirmation of Paid Twitter Accounts
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  • http://www.techknowl.com techknowl

    I don’t think that people will buy payed account on Twitter . Facebook model of revenue generation would better for Twitter .

  • http://DebtConsolidationGains.com Debt Consolidation

    It’s too early to say whether this will work or not. I guess time will tell, but Twitter definitely needs to monetize itself.

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

    Yeah.. Its about time Twitter thought about making money for itself.. It has been feeding so many businesses that it was almost being called a social service 😉

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Nick Rinylo

    I defiantly think helps quality control and that the user of twitter will be less entitled to spam the ‘micro blog’.

  • http://www.eporiaecommerce.com Seattle Web Design

    Twitter is such a valuable communications and marketing tool and they should make money off of the business. Little doubt fee based accounts could offer a lot of benefits that many users would gladly pay for.

  • http://www.prdepotchicago.com Social Marketing Mama

    I’m curious to see how this plays out, I agree, should lessen the spam. Twitter is in my opinion a great social networking tool, it deserves to move in this direction…if I had to choose one network to use, twitter would be it.

  • http://www.ezyblogger.com/ Roseli A. Bakar

    I wouldn’t mind paying but will need to see what they have to offer first..

  • http://www.normz2.com normz2

    I have heard of a lot of good things about twitter. I have not used it yet. I would like to hear more.

  • http://greengroveblog.com Green Grove

    I think they will have a hard time getting people to pay for accounts. . . Will probably lose more than half their following. But I do believe they should be capitalizing on their site at the same time. We’ll just wait and see how this all pans out.

  • http://www.verticalmeasures.com Eli the Link Builder

    It would be wise for Twitter to keep their service available for free users as well as introducing a paid service for the ever-growing set of business users. I’m not exactly sure what they could even offer of real unique value for the paid subscribers, but if they design that service correctly, they’re liable to be the next Google in a way – making a new type of information search (social this time) available to an enormous audience.

  • http://anna-thisisyourworld.blogspot.com/ Anna Storer

    It would be very sad and really quite unrealistic if Twitter were to have paid only membership. I for one would have to pull the pin if free membership were to go. Not everyone can afford to pay member fees to stay connected and be able to have a ‘Fair Dinkum Go’ as we Aussies say

  • http://buysecurityonline.co.za Stephen Webber

    Paying for memebership? yip definately to early to decide on that one. Just joined myself so am still exploring Twitter functionality and capabilities.

  • http://twitter.com/UPTiMIST UPTiMIST

    I don’t think its a smart idea to charge for a twitter account
    though I do think some people ought to be charged lol.
    Truthfully speaking if they do they will lose followers and
    and high traffic. I am a webmaster and music writer I use twitter alot maybe you guys should follow me on there :)

  • http://www.eloancanada.com Personal Bad Credit Loan

    Twitter has become really strong among its social networking sites.. and credit goes to its flexibility and easy to use platform, but who make its credit score high.. its people who are curious to build campaigns and distributing these to what ever they find the source but what happens if people stop doing.. because here online there is no sacristy of options to use.. as a financial consultant I have observed people feel happy to get thing while enjoying discussing about their savings.. its a physiology you know.. and remember every company is not google even big dad, Bill Gate you know has just want to see how long this company can go although he has all the master minds in his pocket but dont know what kind of miracle he is expecting and in reality its possible it would not more than just a simple thing in a hidden box. I want you to live and make competition so strong that people just stop their efforts in your competitive atmosphere and higher another product manager who is master in making money for you, which ordinary people doesn’t judge.. nRehman

  • http://www.dataflurry.com Website Marketing Joel

    It’s crazy how many new marketing methods popping up every day. The only twitter accounts that are valuable are ones that have legit followings. You can get all the friends in the world, but if they have no interest in you it is almost laways a complete waste.

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