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    March 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Wall Street Journal’s Law blog now has a sibling, with the Washington Wire blog debuting in March from the publisher.

The Washington bureau of the Journal began in September 1940, according to the new Washington Wire blog. It only seems as though it took them 66 years to begin blogging as they did at the start of March.

Rumors have abounded about the venerable business publication’s future after it said the online and print newsrooms of the paper would be consolidated in a restructuring. New publisher L. Gordon Crovitz has been quoted as saying the Internet would not be the end of print, so the end of the dead-tree edition of WSJ doesn’t look likely.

They will, however, adapt to the digital age, and blogging is one of the ways they have embraced. The Capital bureau will provide “political insight and analysis” from inside DC. WashWire gives the 40 journalists the ability to quickly post an item of interest for readers, and to employ a bit of a chattier tone in some of those stories.

WSJ has maintained the look and feel of their long-running website with the blogs as they embrace the technology. Their coders have set up working partial-text RSS feeds for those who want to keep up with the blog through their preferred reader.

Now that they blog on legal issues and Beltway happenings, one wonders what they might do next. Perhaps Walt Mossberg will offer up his assistant to begin a technology blog at the website. You can suggest what topic the Journal may take on next with blogs at SyndicationPro.


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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.