More AOL Layoffs On The Way

    December 7, 2007

This coming Tuesday and Wednesday will not be remotely jolly for some AOL employees; according to various reports, another round of layoffs is in the making.

Numbers are nonexistent, so we remain unsure of just how widespread the firings will be.  Yet Henry Blodget writes, “[W]ord is the Products and Sales teams are going to take the brunt of the whackage.”  And given that the last cuts hit some 2,000 people, it’s unlikely that just a handful will be affected.

On the bright side – and honestly, I’m stretching, but not being sarcastic – at least these soon-to-be ex-AOL employees will get a jump on members of Yahoo Europe in the job hunt.  Also, this isn’t such a terrible time of the year for them to spend extra time with their families.

The entire economy seems to be turning sour, though, and there’s good reason to fear that we’ll be seeing more and more of these stories over the next few weeks.  Not to mention articles about entire sites and companies shutting down, as we learned that MingleNow is expected to do.