More Advertisers Turning To Internet

By: Mike Sachoff - July 26, 2009

The majority (92%) of advertisers are using Internet advertising in their media campaigns followed by print advertising at 88 percent, according to a new LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll.

At the same time, less than half are using radio advertising (46%), television advertising (46%) and mobile advertising (39%). The Harris poll found there is a regional difference as advertisers in the South are more likely to use radio advertising (57%) and television advertising (56%) while those in the West are least likely to use both (39% each). How important do you think online advertising is?Let us know in the comments.

Type of Media Advertising Used

Among those advertisers who are using each of these types of media, there is a difference in the level of usage since last year. Three-quarters of those who use Internet advertising (74%) say they are incorporating it more often while 69 percent of those who use mobile advertising are using it more often compared to a year ago. Unsurprisingly, the largest drop is with print advertising as half (49%) of those who use it are using it less often compared to a year ago while 41 percent are using it the same amount.

Of those who use Internet advertising just 14 percent say they use it in a standalone campaign, while 54 percent say the use it in an integrated campaign with other media and 33 percent use Internet advertising in both types of campaigns equally.

Four out of five advertisers who use Internet advertising use it as a branding device (79%) and two- thirds use it to drive information gathering for an offline transaction (65%). Slightly less than three in five advertisers (58%) use Internet advertising to drive online transactions while 57 percent say the use it to promote community around their brand.

Internet users find many aspects of online advertising very annoying. The majority (80%) say they find ads that expand on the page and cover the content very frustrating while 79 percent say ads where they can’t find the close or skip button are very frustrating.

Three-quarters of consumers (76%) find Internet ads that automatically pop up very frustrating while two-thirds (66%) say ads that open if they are "moused over" are very frustrating. Three in five consumers find both animated ads that automatically start playing and ads that play music and/or have loud soundtracks to be very frustrating (60% for both).

"Although the trend among advertisers is clearly towards the Internet, advertisers have to walk a fine line," the study concludes.

Consumer Frustrations of Internet Advertising

"At least three in five consumers are very frustrated with six of the main Internet advertising characteristics, and there is the potential to see a backlash forming. To be successful, those that advertise on the Internet will need to come up with more engaging ways to connect with consumers."

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Mike Sachoff

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  • Michelle Salater

    LinkedIn’s research sounds right on. I find that many businesses approach me because they’re business has been steadly declining. Once we discuss their current marketing strategies, it becomes quite apparent what they’re missing . . . solid online marketing strategies. Once businesses realize where they should be marketing / advertising their business online, they begin to see steady increases in site traffic and online sales. Online marketing and advertising is definitely an area all businesses should begin focusing on.

  • hExistentialism

    With the advertising rates to viewers ratio of online video services like Hulu, I am surprised more companies are launching large scale web campaigns. The web is being coming more integrated into daily life, web advertising is in the prime time now. The real test is to the advertisers and the site developers to create ads that the users want to see.

  • Jorge Moore

    Lot of businessman today uses internet as their source of advertising. I think they they can save lot of money through web rather than paying big bucks on radio and television advertisement.

  • Jefferson Cones

    I agree on that. As we can see that more products was now advertised on net.

  • Sera

    Hi Mike,

    A very well written article. And the statistics are very nicely put. Thanks for sharing the information.

    However, while surfing the internet, I found quite a few article on internet advertising. One such article was on the future of internet advertising. Would suggest you to have a look at it once.

    Here is the link –

  • Advertsing Worx


    Very accurate perception.

    Thanks for the well written synopsis.

  • Steve Levy

    The key for publishers is the Trust in the accounting. We really are at the mercy of the Googles, Yahoos and Bings to trust the Click Through accounting. There are days you just have to wonder and then you go through the roof. As an Advertiser there are even more concerns as they are the one’s financing the system and hopefully seeing the results of their investment in sales.

    No easy way. We see the Print Media shrinking like crazy in Northern CA.

  • Lee Rand

    I get articles like this all the time. But internet advertising hasn’t “taken off” at all in our area of Maine.

  • Jeff

    is tv advertising so low?i did not think internet advertising is so good.But this is Good news for all webmasters.

    • Chris Cutler

      tv is so low because (it is expensive to produce, and) you can not report on traffic, impressions and conversions. these metrics are all available with ease on the web. And if a campaign is not working, you can dynamically adjust on the fly until you find a formula that works..

      You mention “good news for all webmasters.” This is not necessarily true. We are at a time where anyone with a website is trying to cash in via display ads or google adwords. The only ones who will win are the websites with targeted audiences that are significant in size.

  • Guest

    Internet ads work globally, but not well locally.

    Locally you may only have 100,000 in your city of which 50% may have ad exposure to adwords or whatever.

    If you are trying to reach anyone anywhere the internet is for you. If you are trying to reach the jones down the street knock on their door.

  • Rob Willox

    It’s not surprising that there is a trend towards all the forms of internet advertising given the size of the mall and ‘footfall’.

    However, the potential backlash could well be due to the advertisers, or their agencies, approaching it from a traditional advertising perspective.

    Traditionally it takes the form of exposure or push marketing where tv images, hoardings/billboards, press and magazine, even direct mail, are up-front, in your face advertising designed to attract attention.

    The hope is that of those that are exposed to it, will be interested, motivated and take the ‘call-to-action’ specified. The need to be seen is paramount.

    The internet has turned the tables with searchers/browsers in the driving seat and invariably searching for what interests them not what advertisers would like them to see.

    Any activity which disrupts that process or detracts them from that goal will, by definition, frustrate that process and annoy them.

    The trick will be to find a more passive advertising model that complements the users search process but I don’t think we are quite there yet.

  • Jaap Verduijn

    Mikde Sachoff writes:

    “(…) advertisers in the South are more likely to use radio advertising (57%) and television advertising (56%) while those in the West are least likely to use both (39% each) (…)”

    I’m not sure what the author means by South and West. Of course I may guess: “South” is South of the equator and “West” is West of the Zero meridian, or “South” is Antarctica and “West” is the so-called First World, or “South” is South-Africa and “West” is the West-Indies… I dunno.

    Or could it be, by any chance, that the author is American, that endearingly oldfashioned people who measure distances in yards, weights in stones and fluids in gallons, and have not yet discovered that there’s more land, life and laughter outside the United States than inside?

    Jaap Verduijn,
    The Netherlands.

    • guest

      He’s talking about the U.S. Why the a-hole anger? Sounds like there are sour grapes in the “wonderful netherlands” suck it jaap!

      • Jaap Verduijn

        “(…) He’s talking about the U.S. (…)”

        That’s what he should have clearly mentioned then. My a-hole isn’t sour nor are my grapes angry (wide grin!), I just prefer knowing what geographic area a web author happens to talk about. It’s very little trouble for such an author, and so much more reader-friendly, especially when those readers are spread all around the world!

        I really think many Americans don’t fully understand that the international composition of their internet audience asks for a slightly different approach than communication confined within their own borders.

        Be well!

        Jaap Verduijn,
        The Netherlands.

        • Nora McDougall-Collins

          Here is a favorite Netherlands site of mine that assumes the whole world reads Dutch!

          Here is a favorite Swedish site of mine that assumes the whold world reads Swedish!

          They might be a good place to start with the “internationalization” of the web. I certainly didn’t complain to them that they focus on their own area!

          • Jaap Verduijn

            Greetings Nora!

            It’s not about anybody focusing on their own area, whether that’s Sweden, Holland, the United States or Southwestern Hutututsiland – it’s about focusing on the whole world AKA the entire internet (like WebProNews does) and still writing as if ones own national borders are also the borders of the known universe.

            You compare apples with oranges, which might result in a delicious juice, but does not really produce a sound argument against my stand that, on an international platform, it makes sense to clearly identify any specific country one is specifically writing about.

            Of course I may be wrong in my assumption that WebProNews wants to reach internet users worldwide… but then I really wonder why they didn’t make that clear when (some years ago already) they invited me to subscribe.

            Be well!

            Jaap Verduijn,
            The Netherlands.

          • Guest

            I think Jaap is correct in his assertions. The initial comment from “WPN Reader” was a perfect example of what Jaap was talking about. We Americans have long had the arrogance of just assuming we ARE the world.
            ( Consider the “World Series”…. Duh… I think it’s all North American teams only!! )

          • Jaap Verduijn

            (…) I think Jaap is correct in his assertions. The initial comment from “WPN Reader” was a perfect example of what Jaap was talking about (…)

            Thanks mate! I didn’t want to write that myself because posted by a non-American such an opinion tends to elicit quite violent reactions and flames, but it sure crossed my mind!

            On the other hand, some of those reactions can be fun. Last year, on a European based but totally internationally oriented forum, a lady introduced herself and mentioned her abode as “the mountains of LA”. I replied with a friendly welcome, showing interest in how a lady with a clearly anglosaxon name like “Jill Smith” (something like that – I don’t remember exactly) came to live in Laos. On behalf of my stamps collecting daughter I also asked if she would be interested in exchanging some Laotion stamps for Dutch ones.

            And then the brown stuff hit the whirling fan (wide grin)! She replied very angrily with a shattering diagnosis of my mental state (“idiot”), and instructed me never to reply to any of her postings again with my deluded fantasies of South-East Asia. Geez, Laos! As if anybody ever wanted to live there! No thank you, sir! She was extraordinarily happy in the mountainous areas around Los Angeles in the Good Ol’ US of A, and would never live in Laos or, indeed, the Netherlands. Only morons and idiots there.

            Well now, the only thing one can do after a reply like that, is snigger amusedly and pity the lady for the sad kind of education she must have had. Most striking in her reply though was not that she didn’t know that LA is the international code for Laos (if asked, I would have enlightened her and we would both have grinned about the misunderstanding), but that she immediately went into attack mode – like WPN reader did in the first reaction to my post.

            Anyway, sometimes these things can be fun!

            Jaap Verduijn,
            The Netherlands.

  • Jonathan Mendez

    Thank you for this newst letters, theye are very goog.

    Greeting from San Quintin Baja Mexico

    Jonathan Mendez

  • ace

    Internet advertising does not cost a single dime if you know how to do it right. The only cost is time and effort.

    • Dale

      I totally agree with your comment on having the privelige to advertise my websites & products via the internet. It does take some time & a little effort but it is always worth it.
      I find youtube a great media for advertising, I know this because I have just opened my second site & made an advert about another one of my unique product’s & have plenty of hits coming in from this, compared to my main site which I published in 2006, thus advdertising this site on forum boards & free advertising sites.
      Thanks Dale

  • Mike Steverson

    I fully agree that more people are coming to the internet to search for info and definitely internet advertising is efficient!

  • Integrated Web Solutions

    Very true. The time has come now to move ahead and think more than just traditional mode of advertising.

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  • zygella

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    Advertising online has moved on and these days it’s essential to be a part of it.

  • cufflinks

    I am not surprised in the slightest that more people are using the internet and printing advertising against television and radio.

    Television and radio are extortionate in cost and provide very little in return.

  • Neil

    Thanks for the statistics and information. I am having a problem reconciling the numbers of people who say they are annoyed with popup ads and flyout ads. Studies (and my own experience) show that these types of annoying ads do work. Using popup ads increases clicks and ultimately conversions. Perhaps there is a way to do it tastefully.

    • Guest

      Yes, its really works I agree with you that Using popup ads increases clicks and conversions.

  • Threads Romantic Vintage Woodstock Revival Wear

    The internet is the only way to get a wonderful selection of the rare things you’re looking for and I’m so happy people advertise them or I’d never find them! lol 😀

  • Yoke from playpianotips

    The use of internet has been increasing day by day. With more and more people browsing the net, it is always a better option for the advertisers. Moreover, it’s a cheaper option.

  • R. Hiebert

    You hear the TV and radio media referring to web site links in their news and ads all the time. I suppose if you missed the content you can always get on your PC or BB and get it there. Somehow I wonder if we have all that technology at our finger tips.
    Like everything else things change and welcome to the next level. Now you can scan a bar code and you can get to the product’s web site where you can order the product. Printing a coupon is also cool.

  • Ramesh

    Yeah, I totally agree as the recently conducted survey says in 2013 India will be the third largest country in world in internet usage..therefore i belive internet advertising will and surely grow in coming days.

  • Advertising and Services

    Not surprised at at since internet marketing when done correctly can be very low cost and profitable.

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