More Advertisers Invited To Use Yahoo Web Analytics

By: Doug Caverly - May 1, 2009

It looks like another shot’s been fired in the Web analytics war.  Yahoo Web Analytics has been made available – for free – to search and display advertisers who work with account support teams and managers.

Four days ago, Yahoo announced a new Web Analytics look, some more reports, and enhanced features.  Then, just two days ago, Google made its own move in this conflict by allowing for the integration of all AdSense accounts with Google Analytics.  The reaction of most users was pretty positive.

Yahoo Analytics

Cue Yahoo’s not-so-subtle attempt to come out of any comparison on top, with a post on the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog stating, "’Yahoo!’s emerging Web Analytics service surpasses Google in several key categories relevant to enterprises,’ says a recent report from independent analyst firm CMS Watch."

Otherwise, the post explained, "Search advertisers can use Yahoo! Web Analytics to track performance of their campaigns – not just Yahoo! Search Marketing, but campaigns on other search engines, display campaigns, even email campaigns – from click to conversion."

And advertisers who aren’t eligible to use Yahoo Web Analytics were directed to try Yahoo’s Full Analytics or Conversion Only Analytics instead.

It’ll be interesting to see what the competitors come up with next.

Doug Caverly

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  • ron

    Will yahoos new service address the problem of analytic stats for none html pages? This is where people hot link directly to a picture on a site.
    this does not show up in google and many other analytic programs as it is not possible (yet?) to put the tracking code in jpg and other picture format files.I doubt it….

    • Guest


      What info are you looking to track? There may be another way to get the data you’re after.


  • web analytics

    There is a way to do this. I read about it somewhere else, will have to come back on that one later. Lets see how Yahoo keeps up with GA.